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How Hinmikaiye is taking creativity to Germany in varsity exchange programme

How Hinmikaiye is taking creativity to Germany in varsity exchange programme

Anjolaoluwa Hinmikaiye, a student of the Department of Creative Arts, University of Lagos (UNILAG), currently on a five-month exchange programme at the Hochschule für bildende Künste Hamburg (HFBK Hamburg) hopes to share Nigeria’s creative culture in Germany.

Hinmikaiye said while at the University of Fine Arts, Hamburg, she hopes to have a new approach to her artworks by marrying her new experiences with her background as a Nigerian.

“I hope to create works that will be very memorable and remind people that, yes, this person from UNILAG, came here, and did this, which will have a positive impact.

I would like to share about how we support ourselves in the Creative Arts Department at UNILAG, how we are deliberately interested in the community, and how we exchange ideas.

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In UNILAG, there is this support that you get as a student that you might not be able to find in other universities. When foreigners come here, they notice that we are very friendly people and I would like to take that, as well as, our rich culture with me over there,” she said.

In addition, the final-year student said she hopes that during her stay and with interactions with the lecturers and students at HFBK, she will have a new approach to her work as a person.

“ I am also hoping to develop the existing ideas I have here, taking from my background as a Nigerian and from Kogi State and also see how I can marry the two experiences together. I believe it would be an amazing experience.”

Hinmikaiye reiterated that aside from studying, she would like to experience the food and travel in that part of Europe.

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“Traveling, because apparently there is a way to access other countries around the European Union via the country.

So I would like to visit at least one country and get a feel of the art environment because the art scene is very strong and pleasant, as well as the seaside, seeing as Hamburg is a port city,” she noted.

Furthermore, she said; “At the institution, I would like to learn about the arts; the techniques; and materials because I am guessing they will have more developed machinery and equipment to use and as a textile student, I would like to see how they work with their machines in the university.

I would also like to experience the style of teaching. Over there, the teaching style is a bit different because here in UNILAG, it is a bit formal, but over there, it is informal where lecturers hold group sessions maybe once or twice a week with students and the students are free to create. Here, we have a well laid-down curriculum.”

While in Germany, the Nigerian student would also want to explore the textiles, and new materials and merge them with ideas she has here.

Besides, she would learn something totally different from what she does. Something along the lines of their technology, and sound design.

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Speaking about the type of fun activities she would like to participate in the host country, she said, “There is one thing I plan on doing. I once watched a video on things you can get with ten euros (€10) in Germany. In the video, a couple took a walk around the city, looking for ways to spend the money wisely.

I would like to do this with a friend over there. There are plenty of things one can do, one can go to the beach or port, visit the seaside, get food, and also take a walk. A whole day well spent.”

The Kogi State-born creative artist intends to take her career more seriously after graduation from UNILAG.

“I am a print designer. I have worked with several clients, Vlisco and some small fashion brands. I intend to take my career more seriously and create a proper structure around it.

I am currently undergoing an internship at Grapes Pattern-Bank, learning better business ideas, and different ways to approach designs. I would also like to see how I can develop my brand, make it unique to me and create more physical products,” she said.