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How A1Tutor technology transforms education in Africa

How A1Tutor technology transforms education in Africa

Teaching with technology greatly improves learning. The world has evolved from more traditional methods of learning to digital patterns and every school system or educator that isn’t optimising tools such as digital methodologies will lag behind. This tool helps to foster accuracy, accountability, development, and the achievement of school-academic objectives.

At all levels, education in Africa is in dire need of intervention. On the supply side, there are more students or prospective students than there are schools. According to the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF), about 10.5 million children in Nigeria between the ages of 5-14 are out of school and one in every five out-of-school children in the world is in Nigeria.

Ed-tech is a crucial technological development and advancement of the twenty-first century. Many years ago, students would gladly read an entire textbook and pat their selves on the back about it. Learners of the twenty-first century, on the other hand, are more interested in digital learning methods, precise and portable learning materials than previous generations.

New concepts of learning like distance learning are becoming increasingly popular among students. Due to the Coronavirus outbreak, many students have zero options except to learn online.
It’s astonishing to think about how far things have come! There’s no denying the significant role that Ed-tech now plays in virtually all aspects of today’s Education and Learning.

A1tutor is an Educational Technology (EdTech) company whose mission is to make high-quality, individualised educational content available to Primary, Secondary, and Post-Secondary students throughout Africa. It is an African-owned and African-focused organisation with a strong presence in the Nigerian educational sector and quick expansion into the West African area and beyond. Through specialised instructional content that is easily available in numerous formats and across multiple platforms, the company takes a technology-driven, student-centered approach to learning.

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Olanipekun Kayode Paul is the founder of A1Tutor, with a fine background in different areas of learning. Paul has observed how learning has transitioned in the last decade and is positioned to make learning more accessible and interesting.
He is a British Council Education Agent and ICEF Certified Student Counsellor. He is also the Founder and CEO of Myadmissionlink Educational Consult Ltd, a Nigerian and British Incorporated Company.

With the app launch, A1Tutor, an e-learning platform is positioned to be the most learner-friendly and user-friendly in the industry. These quick-witted ed-tech professionals have recognised and optimised technology’s impact on how people like to teach and learn!

The mobile app and website are meticulously developed and prepared for students in Primary School, Junior Secondary School, Senior Secondary School, University Foundation Programs (A ‘levels), and Exam Preparation in compliance with the approved Educational Curriculum.

Lesson notes, instructional videos, over 20,000 Mock tests (CBT), quiz and performance analysis, tutor live chat, and expert trainers are just a few of the key elements of our amazing E-learning Platform, ensuring that users remember and enjoy what they learn. The E-learning platform can be accessed by visiting www.a1tutor.org or via the A1tutor app (Available on both Google Play and App Store).