• Saturday, July 20, 2024
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Don wants improved budget, restructuring for education sector

Declining educational standards and poor quality in Nigeria: Impeding the future of the youth

The need for all tiers of governments to increase budgetary allocation for education sector, and restructure university system has been stressed.

Abayomi Olumade Shofoluwe, a professor of Educational Management, University of Ilorin gave the advise while delivering the University’s 248th inaugural lecture titled ‘Paradigm Shift and Dysfunctionalism in University Educational Management.’

According to him, education has proven to be greatest investment for economic, social, political and cultural development of a given society to progress. Thus, it has to be properly and effectively managed.

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The inaugurated lecturer noted that functional education which equips the recipient with the knowledge and skills needed for productive performance is imperative for Nigeria to meet the developmental needs.

He posits that Nigerian educational system is faced with terrible challenges occasioned by dysfunctional practices and inadequate funding, noting that, “the structure is in a deplorable condition.

“Expenditure on education is affected by many factors, the rate of economic growth has been discouraging and resulting into the increase in the investment on education. This include population explosion, change in technological advancement, increase in manpower needs, infrastructure, increase in salary and education innovative.

“The pattern of the federal government budgetary allocation which records higher priorities on defense and security over education has remained unaltered,” he said.

He therefore, recommended, transformational model for universities environment to hasten changes that are needed in academic context, adding that, “government must avoid policies and decisions which will make the universities centres of national controversy, be it in admission, appointment or funding.

“Nigerian governments must increase budgetary allocation education to the sector and honour agreement that has been signed with the union.

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“There is an urgent need for a restructuring and re- engineering of our university system. There is need to look at the duplicated departments and courses, stream line and rationalise them.

“Goal setting strategies should be tried in Nigerian universities. The goal of the university as contained in National Policy on Education should be redefined, restated, prioritised and recirculated among various constitutions of the university.

“Workshops training on continuous assessment, the use of non- testing appraisal techniques should be organised for teachers and exam malpractice commission should be established to arrest and prosecute examination malpractice offences in view of alarming and embarrassing dimension.”