• Thursday, July 25, 2024
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Experts advocate strategic approach to tackle skills, knowledge gap in education sector


Education practitioners, business executives and industry experts have called on managers of the Nigerian educational institutions to tap into the fountain that advancement in technology provides and work out current approaches to ensure learners are equipped with the necessary skills, tools and knowledge to succeed as this will indicate their willingness or not to remain relevant in global academic rating.

They observed that going by the strategic importance of a solid early educational foundation for the Nigerian child which they maintains have underscored its relevance to the overall growth of the nation’s productive population.

In this regard, they readily insist that the role that education givers play in moulding the future of the child, especially as it pertains to innovation and global best practices cannot be over-emphasised.

Suffice it to say then, that the state of education in the primary and secondary schools remains one of the crucial indicators of any country’s seriousness in its quest to contribute to development of a productive work force in the 21st century. This they maintain is because the quality of education in this early stage of a child life in a society determines the quality of its leaders and the pace of social development.

Tonye Cole, CEO Sahara Group in a recent comment said the upbringing of a child plays a fundamental role in his or her life adding that it is at this stage that the child is fashioned, trained and corrected.

Cole noted that if those who are responsible for nurturing our children do not appreciate who they are, it will be impossible to help those they nurture become who they want to be.

According to him, “When I come across young people who possess incredible talents and put them to test, they cannot perform well because the basic education they need is lacking.”

He encouraged the leaders to begin a call to action those who are able to rise, make a difference and create an environment that will encourage the underprivileged to get the opportunity to learn.

“You are the nation’s greatest asset because you have the power to influence the minds of young people, to hold on to the value that will prevent the decadence we have today. If you don’t use the influence you have over your students well, then you have a question to answer,” he told the teachers.

Olufemi Ogunsanya, managing director, Oxbridge Tutorial College and chairman, APEN Board of Trustees revealed that the a platform that provides a forum for practitioners, researchers, educational leaders and policy makers to interact and share the most progressive research, experience and best practices across schools is very important.

In her words, “Establishing a platform for educators to build new and innovative directions for educational practice by focusing on partnering in educating the Nigerian child, setting the pace for change in methodology, transforming our schools and equipping our schools to sustain change is very vital.”

Ogunsanya, while stressing how strategic steps is to the overall growth and development of a vital sector like education in the country adds that such platform   fosters and encourages everyone to have open and serious discussions that could be a step forward to finding workable solutions.

“We want to bring about transformation, restore education in Nigeria to its former glory and raise the bar beyond what it used to be so that it can be up to what we have globally.

“We are affiliated with the National Association of Independent Schools in America and their vision is to be able to raise the bar of the conference to approach the level of organisation deliverables, using our own resources in Nigeria,” she said.

On her part, Olufunke Fowler-Amba, director, Vivian Fowler Memorial College for Girls said it is important for the parents to know that education is all about collaboration, as the parents, teachers and students are fully involved.