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Expert urges parents to seek professional guidance on global education

Expert urges parents to seek professional guidance on global education

Anthonia Sawyer, the managing partner at ALTS Education, a leading education advisory firm has counselled Nigerian parents to seek professional guidance when looking for boarding schools abroad to register their children because global education is a huge investment.

Sawyer in her welcome address at the ALTS Boarding School Fair 2022 held recently in Lagos said the firm has invested heavily in learning the educational structures in countries such as North America, the United States of America (USA), and Canada, among others with different curriculum to meet the yearnings of Nigerian parents who desire to see their children school in these countries.

“ALTS have invested heavily in learning the educational structures in these countries and also continuously visit the schools in all of these countries to ensure suitability for the Nigerian students and families. We will continue to do what we do to support Nigerian families as they invest in their children and the future of Nigeria through global education,” she said.

She went on to reassure parents and students of the readiness of ALTS Education to go the extra mile in ensuring that they get the best of services when it comes to abroad boarding schools.

“We do not take lightly the trust that is bestowed on us, and we promise that we will continue to put the students first. Even though ALTS is 12 years old, established in 2010, and we have witnessed the success of many students, we still jump up for joy whenever our students inform us of their success,” Sawyer noted.

The educational advisory expert said that present at the ALTS 2022 Boarding School Fair is schools from the United Kingdom (UK), USA, and Canada. She explained that it is in direct response to what Nigerian students require, pointing out that many students from the country like to go to the UK due to the proximity and the familiar curriculum, but pointed out that some students are also developing interest in schools from these other continents which need to be addressed.

Sharon Ehimwenma, a delegate at the fair representing Cardiff Sixth Form College expressed her delight to have her college’s stand hosted at the fair.

“We are very proud and delighted to be back and supporting ALTS Education, one of our partner agents who help families in making sure they make the right decisions in the placement of their children into UK boarding schools into A- levels here in Nigeria,” she said.

In a chat with BusinessDay, she said Cardiff College, a non-denominational institution founded in 2004 in Cardiff, the capital of Wales, is the number one school in the UK that moulds students to become the best fashion of themselves.

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Ehimwenma applauded ALTS Education’s efforts in ensuring that the quality of students and schools is not compromised.

“ALTS is our partner, we have worked with the firm for over five years now, I must say that the quality of students we get from the firm has been upholding the value of the organisation, and Nigeria,” she said.

Emana Eke, a parent, and a tech banker said the fair provided her with the needed insights into what the schools can offer and the opportunity to make a choice based on what is obtainable and not assumed.

Eke reiterated the benefits of rubbing minds with school delegates at the fair before deciding which one to enrol her child.

“Having a face-to-face talk with the knowledgeable delegates from the various schools exposed me to some of the extracurricular activities such as community development projects, volunteering services, etc, they offer to students to prepare them for the real-life after school,” she said.

Many schools from the UK, USA, and Canada had their stands hosted at the fair such as Blue Ridge School in Virginia, Sherfield School in Basingstoke, Ashford School, Christchurch School, Concord College, London International Academy in Canada, and Royal Russell School in London, among others.