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Dambun Shinkafa, a delicious healthy rice dish from Northern Nigeria

Dambun Shinkafa (1)

One of the things I love about Nigeria is the diversity of its people, cultures, and food. During my few visits to the north, I’ve noticed that people of northern Nigeria as a whole have a very rich cultural heritage which is visible in their languages, dressing, music, dance and, most especially, in their food. On this edition of Culinary Delights allow me to take you on a journey up north to learn how to make a healthy and delicious alternative to everyday rice called dambun shinkafa.

Dambun shinkafa is a delicacy widely enjoyed in the north, though it can be eaten anytime it is commonly prepared and served during family gatherings such as weddings, naming ceremonies and other occasions.

It is typically eaten on special occasions and is a welcome option for everyday rice.  Dambun shinkafa is travelling beyond the boundaries of its northern origins and gradually finding its way into many Nigerian homes of. This delicacy brings together a mix of all food groups in a healthy way. The mooring leaves, carrot, green pepper, it is garnished to make it similar to fried rice. Dambun shinkafa is best prepared with rice that softens easily; broken rice is preferable for making this delicacy.

Chef Halima


This week our chef is Halima Zawiya. She is from the commercial hub of the north, Kano. Halima is an agronomist, farmer, and culinary artist. Her love for food started from childhood and her passion has simmered over time. She loves exploring new dishes and recipes from all over the world. Not only is she a chef but she is the founder and CEO of HalimaZkitchen Culinary School, training centre which has produced over 1,000 graduates. Halima believes every Nigerian should try northern dishes.

Chef Halima’s recipe 


2 cups rice grits (crushed rice)

4 large diced onions

6 atarugu

1/2 cup blended atarugu

A big bowl of zogale (Moringa leaf)

2 cups of spring onion

Maggi cube

1 cup oil

2 cups crushed groundnuts


Boil rice

In a steamer, place the Moringa leaves onto the rack, to prevent from the rice pouring and overcooking

Pour the crushed rice and steam until soft/half-cooked for about 20 minutes

Remove it from the heat and transfer to a bowl

Mix the steamed rice with Moringa, onion, atarugu, groundnut and Maggi

Mix completely and take it back to the steamer

Steam for another 20 minutes or until completely cooked

Remove from heat and drizzle oil


Chef Halima- Instagram @chefhalimaz

Please try this recipe at home and let us know how it turns out. We want to see your pictures and videos and we want to see how you make this delicious.

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