• Sunday, February 25, 2024
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Delicious plantain recipes you need to try


Plantains are tasty, so if you haven’t tried them, you should. It has a naturally sweet taste, and it takes on a unique flavor when combined with other ingredients. I’m sure you’re unaware that plantains may be used for more than just frying. You can investigate your alternatives here. And since we are still in the plantain season, these plantain recipes are incredibly delicious and simple to prepare.

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Plantain chips

Plantain chips are a great, healthful, and crispy snack that you should always have on hand. Making these gluten-free snacks for family and friends is simple and enjoyable. To achieve that deep, fulfilling flavour, just add salt, black pepper, and green plantain.

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Plantain bread

This is unquestionably your best option if you’re looking for bread that’s a little bit different from the norm. It is simultaneously enlightening and compulsive. What is unexpected is how delicious and reasonably priced it is to make. You can add walnuts to this recipe to make plantain bread that is crispy. Serve with juice or a cup of coffee, as an appetizer or for breakfast.

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Plantain puff puff

Try this plantain puff puff recipe instead if you enjoy making homemade puff pastries; you’ll see the difference. In this variation, plantains, flour, yeast, and warm water fritters are combined. Serve them as dessert or as snacks, and you will always want more.

Baked Plantain and Egg Frittata

This plantain recipe mixes baked plantain with wholesome vegetables. Because the components are readily available and may even be in your cupboard, it is inexpensive to create. You may make this easy breakfast recipe and your kids will love it.

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Peppered Gizzard and Plantain

You have never tasted anything as rich and mouthwatering as gizdodo. This is a crowd-pleasing dish of perfectly combined chicken gizzard with pepper sauce. You will never be able to have enough of this delicious meal for weeknight dinner, game night, or summertime get-togethers.