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An easy to make coconut fried rice recipe by chef Obito

coconut rice

These days everywhere you go, you are guaranteed to see a variation of rice. Whatever it’s on the streets, at a party, or any restaurant, rice is a staple food for many.  To most of the world, rice connotes Asia and the vast agriculture of Far Eastern river deltas. Indeed, humanity’s second major crop is from Asia, and 90 percent of it—the main source of calories for 2.7 billion people—is grown there. But rice is also African. A different species has been cultivated in West Africa for at least 1,500 years. Some West African countries have, since ancient times, been just as rice-oriented as any Asian ones.

The rice of Africa (Oryza glaberrima ) has a long and noteworthy history. It was selected and established in West Africa centuries before any organized expeditions could have introduced its Asian cousin (Oryza sativa). It probably arose in the flood basin of the central Niger and prehistoric Africans carried it westward to Senegal, southward to the Guinea coast, and eastward as far as Lake Chad. In these new homes, diligent people developed it further. 

Rice to me brings back so many pleasant memories. It is the staple for almost every Senegalese dish and brings back memories of my father filling his plate to the fullest every evening. I remember at some point, our family changed the size of our dinner plates so that his rice portions would heavily reduce, for health reasons.

Nigeria is known for many great rice variations, but mostly famous for jollof rice.  There are many types of rice that you can make when you want something a little different. There is fried rice, broken rice, and quinoa amongst other options. 

On this edition of Culinary Delights learn how to make coconut rice courtesy of Chef Obi who is trained from the Reddish Culinary School in Lagos. The culinary school seeks to groom, teach and equip individuals with the skills needed to create, replicate and revamp the finest cuisine from around the world.


For this recipe, you can use basmati rice to make coconut rice and if you don’t like your rice to be sticky, it is best you wash the rice directly under running water and cook with the coconut milk, this is one of the best way or trick in making coconut fried rice without it turning soggy (sticky).  This easy coconut rice has an amazing aroma and appetizing. If you want to intensify the flavour of your coconut fried rice, its best you add the coconut water to the rice and cook apart from the coconut milk which is the main ingredient. Additionally, you can add a few tablespoons of coconut milk powder to the rice to give the dish that authentic coconut flavour which is exactly what you are looking for. 



1 Cup of Rice

2 cups of water

1 cup of coconut milk

1 teaspoon of crayfish

1 smoked fish (optional)

½ teaspoon of curry powder

½ cup of chicken stock (optional)

2 Maggi cubes

Mixed vegetables 

Salt and pepper to taste

 Chef Obito’s instructions

1. Wash rice with a little bit of salt ( this helps to wash the starch) after washing and water runs clear put rice in a bowl and let it soak ( saves per boiling time and makes the rice fluffy)

2. Place 1 cup of water and coconut milk in a saucepan add crayfish, salt, pepper, curry powder, Maggi cubes, place the sauce over high heat and bring to a boil

3. Next, add the washed rice into the boiling sauce cover and cook on medium heat until rice is soft

4. Add smoked fish, and mixed vegetables, cover and allow to simmer for 5-10mins

5. Stir then allow to steam for 5mins. Serve with any protein of your choice

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Guest: Chef Obi Oluwatobiloba Chioma

Contact: Instagram: @chef_obito @anybelly.ng