Rome Business School Nigeria tackles unemployment, skills mismatch with Job fair

In a friendly and educative discussion, Rome Business School Nigeria (RBSN), a satellite campus of the Rome Business School based in Rome, Italy is solving Nigeria’s rising youth unemployment rate and skills mismatch through its 2022 Job Career and employability fair.

With the theme ‘Employability’, the symposium organised by RBSN provided a rare opportunity to bridge the gap between the business world and the classroom by providing businesses with excellent opportunities to deal with active as well as future and satisfying recruitment by utilizing modern recruitment methods, quality standards, low cost per hire, face-to-face interviews, and first-rate facilities.

Speaking at the event, Kemi Ogunkoya, a Leadership Development, Member at Forbes Business Council narrated how the career fair presents an innovative opportunity for youths and employers of labour to focus on cross-cultural aspects of the job market, diversity and inclusion within the employment world.

“Employability is a trading skill of competence which cannot be practised on old ideologies, principles or beliefs,” Ogunkoya said at the event.

She listed skills such as communication skills, problem-solving, team spirit, and social skills among others as indispensable skills any employee must have to remain relevant in the 21st-century job market.

She added, “work on your self-awareness; focus on being a leader and buliding competence; don’t be in a place of comparison competence yourself”.

Yemi Faseun, a partner at YF Partners advised youths to be very intentional about preparing their CV when applying for jobs in the corporate world.

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He counselled youths to build a solid network by paying eagle attention to their attitudes and relationships with everyone that crosses their path.

“Sometimes it requires some people to mention our name when we are not there,” Faseun said.

He added, “the profit to organisation is getting thinner by the day” if you are not involved in self-development, you are cheating yourself”.

Cecelia Osoka, partner at Averti Professional Manager narrated how the career fair organised by Rome Business School Nigeria provides students with not only academic knowledge but also to provide them with the experience and skill sets required to be good candidates in the workplace, as well as to equip them to become better managers and global business leaders.

She advised employers of labour to also up their game by paying attention to their work structures and also create the right enabling environment for skilled employees to develop rapidly.

“Employers need to learn how to limit themself to your core area of competency,” Osoka said.

The symposium also exposed students, alumni, and faculty to the needs of the corporate world and also offer the opportunity to explore career and employment options at their respective firms.

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