Greenville LNG fuels first retail station in Ogun state

Greenville LNG, a pioneer Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) production and distribution company has said that Sinoma Cargo International Nigeria Limited has fuelled its first LNG retail station in Sagamu, Ogun State.

Greenville LNG is the first company in Nigeria to operate its fleet of trucks and tankers using LNG as fuel. The company currently operates a fleet of more than 500 trucks which are all 100 percent powered by LNG, according to a statement by the company.

“Greenville’s innovative logistics approach has improved access to clean and affordable fuel for automotive uses across Nigeria and has become a driver of the Federal Government’s Gas Expansion policy and Decade of Gas initiatives,” the statement said.

“With five Liquefied Compressed Natural Gas (L/CNG) refuelling stations completed and operational, and an additional 42 under construction, long haul trucks and small vehicles in major cities in Nigeria will soon have the choice to completely switch to L/CNG which is locally produced and a cheaper alternative than the more expensive, imported petrol or diesel.”

According to the statement, Greenville hopes that the country can begin to gradually eradicate the growth-stunting subsidy with this initiative.

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“Natural gas is the cleanest-burning fossil fuel, therefore vehicles running on LNG produce lower levels of toxic emissions and air pollution than equivalent diesel engines,” it said.

“Nitrogen Oxides (NOx) emissions are reduced by 40-50 percent and Particulate Matter (PM) emissions are reduced by approximately 80 percent.”

It also said the price of LNG is stable as it is locally produced, which provides more control in business budgeting; unlike the price of diesel which is linked to the ever-volatile oil market, using LNG as fuel for long-haul trucking provides an economic alternative. LNG increases the lifespan of vehicle engines as LNG cannot be adulterated with external factors.

Greenville further said Sinoma Cargo International Nigeria Ltd has purchased a few LNG-fuelled trucks to start, and the first truck was fuelled at our Sagamu LNG refuelling station yesterday.

“There are other companies who have procured a few LNG-fueled trucks from different OEMs and the trucks will arrive in Nigeria shortly,” the statement said.

“Greenville LNG has five LNG retail stations strategically located across Nigeria, at Sagamu, Ogun state, Rumuji, Rivers state, Koton Karfe, Kogi state, Kakau, Kaduna state and Ikpoba LGA (Benin) in Edo state.”

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