Managing and treating Covid-19 cases at home

Covid-19 is real and has come to stay for some time. We need to change to accommodate the pandemic. We as Nigerians must continue to keep the protocols advised by the government given the poor state and ‘on your own’ nature of our medical facilities.

The recent spark in the Covid-19 cases in Nigeria during the rainy season is a piece of evidence that the fight is still far away from being over. Covid-19 is fast becoming like malaria. The knowledge of its symptoms and basic ways of managing the illness is essential for the effective management of the virus. Though malaria is still dangerous and can kill the wide range of knowledge of its forms and nature has helped reduce the fatality rate except in a rare case of mismanagement.

Below is an anonymous experience on some simple tips to managing Covid-19 at home if needing be.

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The first step is the knowledge and the acceptance that the pandemic is real. Those who had died are evidence. The virus is fast spreading, transforming from one variant to another. The Delta variant is more deadly. If you don’t believe in the wrong myth that Covid-19 is a false Whiteman or the virus of the rich, then be mindful that it can get to you anytime or anywhere. A friend who had flown over ten times and across four continents this year was visited with the virus while at home. Therefore, keeping a physical distance, washing hands, and all the advised protocols are key and still valid.

If you are where the vaccine is available, get it. My belief is that it is God that empowered the Scientists with the wisdom to develop all solutions. I am not against a miracle, but getting the vaccines was believed to have reduced the impact of the virus on my friend.

Alas, you feel unwell and suspect Covid-19, consulting a medical practitioner is the first step. Where consultation is out of reach, doing what my anonymous specimen did could be helpful and save lives.

The knowledge of its symptoms and basic ways of managing the illness is essential for the effective management of the virus

There are many symptoms of Covid19, ranging from headaches to slight pains in the upper part of the arm. Some came with diarrhea, vomiting, fever, and other conditions like loss of taste and smell. The first thing to do is to isolate the person with the symptoms. This is to avert the spread of the virus to the other family members as much as possible.

Two vital bio-signs are essential and must be measured. The Oxygen saturation level and your temperature. The oxygen saturation is measured by a pulse oximeter, costing around £8 (N5, 680 at N710/£1). It is a small piece of equipment that is attached to the tip of your figure to determine the level of oxygen in a blood cell. If the saturation level is below 94, then there is a danger, and there is an urgent need for the person to be given oxygen at an approved medical facility. The normal range is between 99 to 95. The second important measure is the body temperature with the highest ideal range of 37.5=37.7.

If the above are within the acceptable ranges, then the mild effects of the virus can be continued to be managed at home. My anonymous specimen was on a constant dose of vitamins D and C, Zinc, and paracetamol. The most believed African agents of garlic, ginger, and lime were also at work. My friend was on a regular sip of hot drinks containing garlic, ginger, and lime. He did steam himself regularly with little ‘abonikin’ whenever he feels feverish.

According to his experience, there are helpful prescriptive videos on YouTube. These videos predicted the experience to expect on days 5 and 6, the most important days. On that 6, the breathing difficulty might be experienced, and various breathing exercises were recommended in the video. If your oxygen saturation level is within range, the effects of the virus will wear out.

The above experience is from someone, and it is not a standard. Our body compositions are different, and the symptoms and experiences might not be the same. Therefore, visiting an approved medical facility is advised if it is available and affordable to you.

Above all, Covid-19 is not a death sentence, and care needs to be taken to prevent it wherever possible.