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Meet Amos Ogunkoya, Nigerian-born youngest Premier League doctor

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Amos Ogunkoya, a 31-year-old Nigerian, made history when he was appointed the first team doctor of newly promoted Premier League side Luton Town FC, becoming the youngest first-team club doctor in England’s top-flight football.

Amos, popularly called, attended Queen Mary University in London and holds a master’s degree in Sports and Exercise Medicine from the University of Manchester from 2010–to 2016. Amos also played football for many years but qualified to become a Royal College of General Practitioners specialist last summer.

The current Luton Town doctor completed his general practice training at Tynemouth Medical Centre and worked as a locum general practitioner at Amwell Medical Practice from August 2022 until August 2023.

Before becoming Luton Town’s first team doctor,  Amos worked as the first team doctor for Colchester United Football Club from June 2022 to June 2023.

Speaking on a TV show, ‘The Traitors,’ after being appointed the team doctor for Luton Town FC, Amos said he had always been interested in sports and knew he would be a team doctor for a Premier League club.

“I knew it was an option, but it became more apparent that it was doable and that the path to being with a top team was achievable,” Amos said, as the Royal College of General Practitioners’ website reported.

“I didn’t think I’d be in the Premier League this quickly, but it was always part of the plan.”

He further said only some get the opportunity to earn a lot by becoming medical staff at a Premier League club.

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“I think about it like this: There are few doctors in general and few doctors and sports scientists.

“I was experienced and had further qualifications, and few doctors have experience in football, so once you get those steps in, it becomes more likely.”

Sister advice…

One of the factors that has helped Amos reach his goal is having his sister’s support and advice, who motivated him to keep three sessions a week while also committing to his role as a team doctor.

“My sister is one of those people; the advice would be that general practice is much broader than you think. It gives you the options and the mobility to expand how you want to develop. I’m a GP interested in sports and exercise medicine and officially an exciting GP.

“The bread and butter is in the practice, so I’ve kept my clinics. It would help if you were a generalist still, and it’s crucial to keep fulfilling that as well, but keeping it varied avoids burnout. I’m enjoying this new role. It’s a challenge because it’s a lot of pressure, but it’s also something I look forward to.”

Fans Applaud…

Many Luton fans took to social media and expressed their excitement at having Amos, the youngest doctor in Premier League history, on the team.

Ali Maxwell @AliMaxwell_, a football fan, said:

“Amos from The Traitors being Luton’s Club Doctor ” made my day. You can see him sitting behind Rob Edwards on the bench. Youngest first-team club doctor in the PL!” Maxwell said on his X (formerly Twitter) account.

Another astute Luton fan wrote on his X (formerly Twitter) Paddy Power @paddypower: “Luton’s club doctor being Amos from The Traitors has blown my mind.”

Another fan commented: “I’ve been wondering where I’ve seen the fellow on the bench from Luton. It’s only bloody Amos from the Traitors!”

Amos breaking Premiership and English records is a huge motivation for many Nigerians aspiring to be the best in their careers.
Millions of Nigerians are super excited and proud of his achievement and wish Amos all the best in his new role at Luton Town.