• Tuesday, April 16, 2024
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Here are the top 10 countries with high IQ in 2024 — Report 

Top 10 Countries with Highest IQ

Six of the countries listed among the top 10 with the highest IQ scores are from Asia, while four are from Europe.

Intelligence quotient (IQ) rankings offer intriguing insights into cognitive abilities, yet they must be approached cautiously due to the complexities of intelligence measurement. 

Data pandas analysed these scores objectively, without implying any superiority or inferiority. Understanding the cognitive landscape of countries offers insights into their education systems, socio-economic conditions, and cultural values, challenging assumptions and providing a fresh perspective.

Businessday reported, that Nepal, Liberia, and Sierra Leone were among the countries with the lowest IQ scores.

The world’s average IQ is 82.12, and here are the top 10 countries with the highest IQ in 2024

Japan — Average IQ:106.48

Japan consistently ranks among the top countries in terms of IQ scores. Factors contributing to Japan’s high IQ include a robust educational system emphasizing discipline, diligence, and critical thinking. Additionally, cultural values that prioritize education and continuous learning play a significant role.

Taiwan — Average IQ:106.47

Taiwan boasts a strong emphasis on education and a highly competitive academic environment. The country’s investment in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) fields and a culture that values scholarly achievement contribute to its high IQ ranking.

Singapore — Average IQ:105.89

Singapore’s education system is renowned globally for its efficiency and effectiveness. With a focus on meritocracy and high academic standards, Singapore cultivates a culture of excellence in education, reflected in its high IQ scores.

Hong Kong — Average IQ: 105.37

Similar to Singapore, Hong Kong places great emphasis on education, with a competitive academic environment and a strong focus on STEM subjects. Its rigorous schooling system and cultural emphasis on achievement contribute to its high IQ ranking.

China — Average IQ:104.1

China’s rapid economic development is accompanied by a focus on education and technological advancement. The country’s large population and investment in education have led to significant improvements in academic performance and IQ scores.

South Korea — Average IQ:102.35

South Korea’s educational system is highly competitive, with a strong focus on academic achievement and standardized testing. The country’s cultural emphasis on education, coupled with government policies promoting learning and innovation, contributes to its high IQ ranking.

Belarus — Average IQ: 101.6

Belarus places a high value on education and boasts a well-developed schooling system. The country’s emphasis on literacy and numeracy, along with investments in research and development, contribute to its high IQ scores.

Finland — Average IQ:101.2

Finland’s education system is renowned for its innovative approaches and emphasis on creativity and critical thinking rather than rote memorization. Despite not having as high average IQ scores as some Asian countries, Finland’s educational model serves as a benchmark for excellence.

Liechtenstein — Average IQ:101.07

Liechtenstein, despite its small size, prioritizes education and boasts high literacy rates. Its educational system emphasizes personalized learning and individualized attention, contributing to its respectable IQ ranking.

Germany — Average IQ:100.74

Germany’s strong economy and investment in education contribute to its high IQ ranking. The country’s vocational education system, which combines classroom learning with practical training, prepares students for a wide range of careers, reflecting positively on IQ scores.