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Garri Delight: 3 Ways to Enjoy Garri

Garri Delight: 3 Ways to Enjoy Garri

From the very beginning, ‘Garri’, fondly known as groceries has been more than just a meal, it has been a lifesaver during challenging times, earning it’s place as a trustworthy companion when “sapa” comes calling.

Amidst the ongoing debate about the potential effects of garri on vision, here are 3 unique ways to enjoy your groceries.

Garri Fotor

Very popular among Ghanaians, Garri Fotor is simply jollof garri. Recipes needed for this meal include Garri, water, salt, powdered pepper, tomatoes, onions, carrot, green bell pepper, sardine and palm oil.

To prepare: First, chop the vegetables and let them sizzle in heated palm oil, with the sardine. Mix the garri with some water to make it wet and add it to the flavourful mix. Stir it until well combined.

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Wainar Rogo

Wainar Rogo is a garri cookie that is enjoyed in Northern Nigeria. It can be fried plain and eaten with palm oil and red pepper or it can also be mixed with protein like egg and meat to make it more nutritious. Ingredients needed for this cookie include Garri, Kilishi or Beef, Wheat or All-purpose flour, Groundnut oil, Egg, Salt, and Water. The key is to use fine garri flour, ensuring a smooth texture for your cookies. To whip up this culinary delight, moisten the garri with water and let it swell. Mix in shredded kilishi or seasoned cooked beef, ground pepper, a pinch of salt, and egg white to create a dough. After five minutes, sprinkle a bit of flour on a pastry board, spread and flatten the mixture, and cut it into your preferred shapes.

Heat up a pan of vegetable oil, deep-fry the cookies until golden brown, then let them drain. Voilà! Your Wainar Rogo snack is ready. Serve it hot and get ready for a burst of Northern Nigerian flavour in every bite!”

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Garri Smoothie

For that refreshing and satisfying feeling after a long day’s work, garri smoothie is the answer.

To make this smoothie all you need include 1/2 cup garri, 3 tblspn powdered milk, Groundnuts or cashew nuts, 3 tbspn condensed milk (optional), 1/2 cup coconut milk (optional), banana (optional), milo(optional) and Crushed ice.

Simply add all the ingredients in a blender, blend till smooth, and your smoothie is ready to be served.

Turn your weekend into a culinary triumph! Why not charm your crush with a couple of these recipes? Who knows, you might even bring some to the office on Monday—impressing your boss and setting the stage for that salary increase negotiation. Just imagine the possibilities.