• Monday, December 04, 2023
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Food entrepreneurs relish Northern culinary at Taste of Arewa


Food entrepreneurs and enthusiasts gathered recently in Abuja, at the much-anticipated ‘Taste of Arewa’ festival to relish the diverse culinary delights of Northern Nigeria.

According to Maryam Ahmed, the convener, she said the idea of ‘Taste of Arewa’ in its second edition was born out of a desire to amplify and celebrate a critical part of the Northern culture which cuts across Food, Art, and Poetry.

Ahmed said, “This is a seven course fine dining event that delves deep into the rich tapestry of Northern Nigerian cuisine.”

‘Taste of Arewa’ is a celebration of a culinary tradition that has been passed down through generations, reflecting the vibrant culture, history, and resilience of the Northern Nigerian people.

In every dish, there’s a story waiting to be told stories of ancient trade routes that brought exotic spices, tales of communal living that have forged strong bonds, and the essence of a land where grains like Fonio, millets, and sorghum are the cornerstones of a delectable culinary tradition.

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The Convener stated further that throughout this journey, they have been able to explore the diverse flavours and techniques that define Northern Nigerian cuisine.

“A lot of our Arewa Food culture is gradually fading away, a lot of ‘forgotten’ ingredients were explored using modern gastronomy and they were tasted by the guests.

We explored the rich decadent meats with spices that warm the soul to vibrant salads that burst with freshness, each recipe carries with it a piece of the Northern Nigerian identity.”

Over 65 participants who attended the two-day festival agreed that our local ingredients like kuka- baobab seeds, Acha- Fonio and Bado – water lily seeds can be transformed into mouth-watering sensations, she said.

Ahmed is a renowned Chef and founder of Mimies Homemade with several years of experience in the food industry.

She is hopeful that the event will attract State Government in the North and Corporate sponsors as the event has proven to promote Nigeria’s diverse rich culture.