• Tuesday, April 23, 2024
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Achi soup: Soup that fits into current Nigerian economy

Achi soup: Soup that fits into current Nigerian economy

Achi soup with uziza leaves is a Nigerian soup belonging to the Igbos and some parts of Akwa Ibom.

With the way hardship is going in Nigeria, there is no need to worry your pretty head about cost, the ingredients for Achi soup with uziza are just affordable and could even pass for a low-budget soup as it can be cooked with just 2000 naira.

4 tbsp or more of Achi seeds (grinded)
A bunch or more of Uziza leafs
Salt to taste
Fresh pepper
Palm oil
3 seasoning cubes

Wash the kpomo and stockfish, put in the pot.
Season it with salt, onions, pepper, three seasoning cubes, and a small amount of water.

After 15 minutes of cooking, add the crayfish and palm oil into the pot and stir until they are equally distributed throughout the soup.

Now add your grinded Achi seeds and stir immediately to avoid lumps, if it gets too thick, add more water, or if it gets too watery, add Achi. Next, give it ten minutes to cook.

Then add the sliced Uziza leaves and stirring everything together, cook for additional five minutes.

Your soup is now ready. You can serve it fufu or eba and is best served very hot.