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Words that explore desire, sensuality, and intimacy-A review of Jide Badmus’s what do I call my love for your body?

Words that explore desire, sensuality, and intimacy-A review of Jide Badmus’s what do I call my love for your body?

Title: What Do I Call My Love for Your Body?
Author: Jide Badmus
Publisher: The Roaring Lion Newcastle
Year of Publication: 2022
Number of Pages: 73
Category: Poetry

At the very outset of “What Do I Call My Love for Your Body? The author, Jide Badmus, makes it crystal clear that he doesn’t care about what you think of him or his work. Simply put, he isn’t the type to keep his thoughts to himself, so you’ll have plenty of warning about what to expect from him.

This book, however, should be kept high and dry, out of reach of any and all children in the house. Because the poet infuses his sensuality into the poems in this collection.

After that, you start to realize that the author creates such a vivid picture of the female body that any reader who identifies as a female will begin to develop a positive body image after reading his work, even if she has never done so in the past. At other times, you have your mouth completely open.

The reader’s imagination is sparked by his poetry, which brings up a wide range of feelings and sensations that speak to the deepest parts of human desire.

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You start to wonder if he has genuinely seen or experienced a woman’s body the way he writes about it. And at this point, you begin to question whether he is speaking about the body of a single lady or multiple women.

There’s a good chance you’re wondering what prompted the author to pen this book. Despite this, the author has a compelling style of writing and a lot of imagination.

The author is skilled at using metaphors to bring out sensuality while staying elegant and artistic. But you may need to look up some of his words in the dictionary to understand them. Other words, on the other hand, may be easy to understand on their own.

His words leave readers with a lasting image that stays with them long after they’ve finished reading them.

Because everything in Jide Badmus’s poetry collection ‘What Do I Call My Love for Your Body?’ is kept as raw and authentic as possible, this collection of poems may strike some readers as uplifting and liberating, while others may find it uncomfortable or even offensive.

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