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When a little bird tries to fly before it has grown wings -A review of Ayomide Adebayo’s A Spell of Good Things

When a little bird tries to fly before it has grown wings -A review of Ayomide Adebayo’s A Spell of Good Things

As a literary fan, you can’t help but get excited when a famous author, like Helon Habila, praises another author by calling them a “spellbinder” and a “natural storyteller.” Ayomide Adebayo’s “A Spell of Good Things” is certainly excellent, as seen by the gushing review included on the cover. Nonetheless, just like in her debut novel, “Stay with Me,” she shows off her innovative writing skills in this new work.

From the first page, readers can’t help but be pulled into a carefully painted world where poverty and hardship loom over every corner. This engaging book is set in the beautiful landscapes of southwestern Nigeria. In this interesting story, we meet a lot of different people whose lives are connected in surprising ways. Eniolá, is a 16-year-old boy who has to deal with his father losing his teaching job. While this is going on, Wuràolá, who is a talented doctor, is struggling with her mother’s push to get married before she turns 30. Wuràolá’s boyfriend, Kunlé, makes the story even more complicated. He is the son of a famous surgeon with political aspirations, which hides the fact that he is a controlling person.

As the story goes on, we see the subtle signs of a relationship that could be dangerous. This will make readers nervous because they don’t know what will happen next to this pair. In this setting, we meet Yèyé, the strong head of a well-off middle-class family, and her sisters, whose dramatic personalities give the story a little extra spice. Together, they make an interesting group that makes readers eager to turn the pages and find out what secrets and shocks are in store.

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Love, poverty, politics, and Nigeria’s healthcare system are just a few of the weighty topics explored in this book. The author provides a clear picture of a society struggling with these concerns by paying close attention to every detail.

With each page turned, the main character, Eniola, is thrown into a number of difficult situations that force him to grow up quickly. Throughout the story, Eniola goes through many humiliations, and each one helps him grow and change quickly.

As the story goes on, the story’s secondary figures add to its depth and complexity. Although the book excels in many aspects, there are instances where the author’s writing causes readers to forget about certain characters for extended periods of time. This may pose a challenge for some readers.

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The author provides an intriguing insight into the complexities and risks associated with Nigerian politics, making it an engaging read for those unfamiliar with the subject. Nigerians might not find this image surprising, but readers who are not from Nigeria may initially question the author’s credibility and suspect that she is exaggerating. As the story progresses, the author effectively portrays the harsh realities of life on the streets and the extreme measures that some politicians are driven to due to desperation.

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As the last pages are turned, the reader is left with a feeling of uncertainty. The link between the book’s title and what it’s about becomes less clear as you read, leaving you to wonder what it all means. Also, it’s not clear how to feel about Eniola’s father, which makes the situation even more confusing. Should someone give in to an intense wave of anger, or is there room for a more complex view? These unanswered questions add a layer of depth to the reading experience as a whole and make you think about things long after you’ve finished the book.

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