• Thursday, April 18, 2024
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Book Review: Author Visibility Secrets by Kehinde Ajose


Kehinde Ajose’s Author Visibility Secrets begins by sharing that putting a good book together does not guarantee sales because, these days, it is not enough to have great content. What is more important is how many people know you or can see your book.

Kehinde states with great emphasis that books are just like every other product sold on the online space.

It needs the right kind of visibility and promotion to get the desired attention and sales because things have changed a lot from the time when all it took to sell a book was your pedigree or expertise. Now, you need to grab attention to be noticed enough to sell.

In this book, Kehinde shares nine secrets on the proper way to boost visibility on social media and sell your books and inspires the reader to take action.

After a compelling introduction, the author shares the numerous benefits you stand to gain when you promote your book. Benefits such as: positioning yourself as an authority, increasing your income and gaining media attention Shortly after that Kehinde’s book shares practical strategies that can help you achieve these goals and sell your book massively.

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The book persuades author to increase visibility with clever tricks like:

● Start with a catchy title
● Amplify the problem your book solves
● Make it newsworthy
● The R.u.n principle
● Synergize with influencers
● Promote on social media
● Craft a ‘killer’ author bio
● Craft an irresistible press release
● How Authors can get noticed In the media

The book’s strengths:
Kehinde illustrates each point effectively using real examples. This means that in addition to spelling out the principles to improve your visibility, the book gives you ideas on how to make them happen. My favourite part of the book is the first chapter: start with a catchy title.

In it, the author shares how important it is and how your title could be the huge difference between massive sales and no sales. An illustration from the book lays it bare.

The book reads, “In 1982, Naura Hayden released a book called “Astro-Logical Love”. It didn’t do well, till she changed to “How to Satisfy a Woman Every Time…and Have Her Beg for More!” It became a New York Times Bestseller. A riveting and eye-catching book title is the gateway to enticing readers to buy your book, and spread the message about it.”

My overall thoughts:

The book is great for writers who want to know the current landscape in Nigeria – especially on the online space as it relates to selling books and serves as a wake up call to writers across every niche whether they are just starting out or experienced. It is well-written, relatable and gets the point across in the most engaging, most compelling way possible. To get the most out of the strategies and see results, it is recommended that one conduct more research to tailor these strategies to their specific objectives and goals.