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When a Father Fails to Express Love-A Review of Desmond Chidera Udeh’s People for Rent

People for Rent

Title: People for Rent
Author: Desmond Chidera Udeh
Publisher: WORITAL
Year of Publication: 2021
Number of Pages: 240
Category: Fiction

Desmond Chidera’s “People for Rent” immediately grabs your attention with a cover that suggests trouble, and true to expectations, the pages vividly depict splattered blood. The story unfolds against the African backdrop mentioned in the blurb. What makes it even more appealing is the remarkable achievement that, at just 21 years old, the author brought this book to life, drawing inspiration from the stories passed down by his grandmother.

As you dive into the book, the scenes come alive in your mind. The narrative centers around Amadi, a passionate yet demanding man who sets high expectations for his family, especially his two adult sons. The plot takes a tragic turn when Amadi’s eldest son, Nduka, succumbs to the pressure of meeting his father’s demands, pushing Amadi into a deep depression. Desperate to fill the void left by Nduka’s death, Amadi resorts to manipulating his second son, Dilibe, urging him to adopt his late brother’s persona. This strains their relationship, with Dilibe growing resentful of Amadi’s favoritism towards the deceased sibling.

The story explores the consequences of a father’s lack of love and favoritism, showing how such circumstances can lead a son down a path of rebellion.

Adding vibrancy to the narrative is the inclusion of the Igbo language, creating an atmosphere reminiscent of captivating Nollywood epic films.

The characters in “People for Rent” are both complex and relatable. Amadi, the main character, stands out for his strong determination and willpower. His wives and children form a diverse and united group, each contributing unique skills and personalities to the unfolding drama.

This engaging work of fiction, suitable for both teenagers and adults, delves into various themes, including war, domestic violence, colonialism, marriage, patriarchy, depression, and religion.

A notable quality of the novel lies in its skillful storytelling and the use of simple yet impactful language and word choices. This significantly adds to the book’s appeal, making it a compelling and enjoyable read.

In his pursuit of independence and peace, Dilibe rebels against Amadi’s wishes by joining the Christian missionaries, a group his father dislikes for introducing a new religion to their community.

For readers interested in African religions, spirituality and traditions, this book offers an engaging journey.

Desmond Chidera’s skillful narrative, well-developed characters, and thought-provoking themes contribute to making this novel a compelling and unforgettable read. If you have a passion for folktales, this book is certain to capture your interest.

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