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What could be causing your child’s bad behaviour in school? – A review of Tolu’ A. Akinyemi’s ‘I Am not a Troublemaker’

What Could Be Causing Your Child’s Bad Behavior in School -A Review of Tolu’ A. Akinyemi’s I Am not a Troublemaker

Title: I am not a Troublemaker

Author: Tolu’ A. Akinyemi

Illustrator: Ishika Sharma

Publisher: The Roaring Lion Newcastle Ltd.

Year of Publication: 2021

Number of Pages: 26

Category: Children’s Book

Trouble at school is every parent’s worst fear. Your child’s behaviour may cause you to doubt your parental skills, even if you are confident that you are providing a stable, loving home environment and teaching your child the values you hold dear.

I am not a Troublemaker by Nigerian born UK resident Tolu’ A. Akinyemi is a story about making sense of your child’s misbehaviour that also encourages parents to keep their chin up because, with the right attitude, any problem with a child can be solved.

Akinyemi, author of two children’s book in addition to works on motivation and poetry, treads carefully when tackling such a weighty subject.

A young boy named Chadwick, who is widely known for his bad behaviour, is introduced to the reader. Therefore, his father sets out on a mission to identify the root cause of this son’s behavioral issues and assist him in getting back on track in school and with peers.

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The illustrations perfectly capture the tense atmosphere of the story, and the teacher’s reactions demonstrate the strain of dealing with unruly students.

Some readers may find themselves rooting for Chadwick because of his dogged determination. His resolve to be a good kid in spite of the harassment and conflicts he faces at school.

All of the worried characters that emerge when parents are put in difficult situations are vividly depicted in the illustrations. Will Chadwick’s dad have the maturity to understand and care about his son’s situation at School?

Though Chadwick is the last person anyone would peg as a superhero, this book stresses the importance of involving both the student and the teacher in determining the cause of behavioral issues. However, he takes on a heroic persona in this narrative.

Using child-friendly language and large text, the author creates a world that children can relate to, while also appealing to older readers who will enjoy the book’s overall message. Thus, it is essential to take a deep breath and try to comprehend what is going on if your child is acting out and you feel like losing your cool.

I am not a Troublemaker by Tolu’ A. Akinyemi is not only educational but also pleasing to the eye. The book is a great resource for parents of children who are displaying undesirable behaviors. Children will do well to read the book before going back to School.

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