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There is no room for dillydallying. -A Review of Adebayo Abidemi Zainab’s Rhythms through Time


Title: Rhythms through Time

Author: Adebayo Abidemi Zainab

Publisher: OAK Initiative

Year of Publication: 2022

Number of Pages: 101

Category: Poetry

Adebayo Abidemi Zainab’s poetry collection Rhythms through Time delves into how we perceive time.

In the first poem of her book, “Mortality,” the author makes a conscious decision to frighten her audience. And the poem will give you chills as soon as you start reading it.: I have a bone to pick with you/My sweet and mortal friend/ you think that you will live forever, / But you don’t know the end. However, when you finish reading the poem, you can’t help but reflect on your own mortality.

The author’s creative flair is on full display in the imaginative titles that she gives to each of her poems.

The more you read her book, the more you come to the realization that you are not the only one who has unfavorable thoughts, and the more at ease you feel as a direct result of this realization.

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She encourages her readers to steer clear of disturbing thoughts in the poem she titled “thought-mare.”: The reality of thought is a nightmare/ A horror movie that stays in your head/ You can’t stop the thoughts that come to you/ But you can try to show them the door.

In the poem titled “The Mind,” the author makes the point that one’s mind can be a powerful instrument or a deceptive trick.: The mind is a tricky thing-/ it’s not always what it seems/ you can’t always trust its memories/ It’s motive or its dreams. This is a notice from the author that should not be ignored in any way.

When she writes, she puts herself in the position of the reader, and you can really get a sense of how empathetic she is.

If you have reached a significant age, particularly in your 30s or 40s, you will comprehend what Zainab is referring to when she was talking about how time flies by so quickly in “How Time Slips”.

Those who are familiar with Zainab’s other works will be able to attest to the fact that the poet is an even more accomplished wordsmith when it comes to poetry than she is when it comes to prose. The book’s value was diminished, however, by the uncredited use of blurry internet photos throughout.

The many life lessons contained in this book can serve as a source of inspiration and guidance whenever you find yourself in a challenging circumstance.

Adebayo Abidemi Zainab is a talented poet who deserves the attention of anyone interested in poetry.

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