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Learn the Steps to Unlocking Your Child’s Full Creative Potential. -A Review of Oluchi Madu’s The Lighted Candle

Learn the Steps to Unlocking Your Child’s Full Creative Potential. -A Review of Oluchi Madu’s The Lighted Candle

Title: The Lighted Candle: How to help children find their unique path to greatness using their creative abilities

Author: Oluchi Madu


Year of Publication: 2022

Number of Pages: 67

Category: Personal Development

When a talent development coach writes a book on the subject of talent development, you can be confident that the author is an expert in the field.

Written in the form of a novel, The Lighted Candle is the work of Oluchi Madu, a skilled talent development coach. It’s not immediately clear if the book is written for children or adults, but it becomes clear that it’s intended for both audiences.

The Lighted Candle, by Oluchi Madu, features striking artwork for its cover. A letter from the author to the young reader opens the book. More like a chat between a wise elder and a young prodigy. She can empathize with the difficulties young people endure in the modern world, which is more than can be said of many adults.

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The novel narrates the story of a couple who sought to start a family for seven years before eventually succeeding. Because they had to wait for so long, the pair decided to give their firstborn child, Igbemma, the best of everything they owned when she was born.

When you continue reading, you will find that the first chapter is structured similarly to a cookbook in the sense that it teaches you how to prepare several Igbo delicacies, which are traditional to the eastern region of Nigeria.

There are also morals to be gleaned from the animal anecdotes that populate the book’s first few chapters. The tales serve as a reminder of the importance of recognizing and celebrating our individual strengths.

Igbemma, the book’s protagonist, is a young girl who can be either a joy to be around or an annoyance to those around her. Despite this, she always knew what to say and her positive attitude rubbed off on her peers.
Given that Igbemma usually appears to have excellent wisdom to impart, it is difficult to judge her age based on the information provided in the book. Even if you are an adult reading the story, there are still some valuable life lessons that you may pick up from the protagonist.

Because the author has such a lovely way with words, reading her work is very much like going on a tour of the locations that she depicts visually.

There are only five short chapters in the book, but the affirmations for children and the extra page of fun activities (which aren’t really fun activities but more like examination questions) are welcome additions, especially for the book’s younger target audience.

This book delves at why it’s crucial to leave a mark on the world and how our actions might have repercussions long after we’re gone. As a result, it’s not easy to tell what kind of age range the author had in mind when writing the novel.

The author tricks her audience into looking forward to her next book by leaving them wanting more. I wonder how long it will be until her fans get their hands on her next novel.

Those who work with children, as well as kids and parents, are the intended audience for this book.

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