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Our Dramatic Life Can Bring Goodwill -A Review of Ogechi Adili’s Lady Justice Has Been Raped.


Title: Lady Justice has been Raped

Author: Ogechi Adili


Year of Publication: 2022

Number of Pages: 171

Category: Fiction

If you are someone who has experienced the agony and pain of loss in their life, it is likely that the summary of the book Lady Justice has been Raped written by Ogechi Adili will pique your interest.

As soon as you begin reading the book, you are able to immediately sense the compassion that the author is attempting to convey to the reader.

The reader may find themselves shifting in their seat simply as a result of reading the prologue to the book, in the same manner as if one were watching a movie trailer.

An exciting occurrence takes place right when the book begins. You get a taste of the lawlessness and corruption that is prevalent throughout the Nigerian police force. And the reader is first introduced to the story’s primary character, along with all of the protagonist’s concerns and issues.

The protagonist certainly has to deal with a lot of issues, but the book keeps the reader guessing by slowly revealing these issues. However, you won’t learn her name from the author until the book’s fourth chapter.

Every new chapter adds more intrigue to the story. This slim volume was packed with fascinating characters. While a select few truly shone, others were quickly forgotten due to their supporting roles. The book can be read in a little under two hours if you don’t get distracted.

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In the book, the author employs some very thought-provoking similes. With profound lines like “Life itself is like a like movie,” you’ll want to mark important passages in this book with a highlighter.

As you progress through the book, there are a few humorous moments. In addition, the book contains a number of flashbacks, and it occasionally has the atmosphere of a Nollywood film while at other times it could have been mistaken for Christian fiction.

The protagonist may come across as hot-headed at times, but her outbursts of anger are understandable given her aversion to injustice in the narrative.

Benin City is now on Olaedo’s (the protagonist’s) list of enemies due to the fact that it causes her to relive traumatic past experiences. It ranges from emotional pain to sexual assault to unfair treatment.

Readers who are not familiar with Igbo or pidgin will have an easier time comprehending the text as a result of the inclusion of a glossary, which was a wonderful addition.

The chapter 32 revelation that explains the book’s title, “Lady Justice,” is where the title really begins to make sense.

By the book’s final chapters, it’s easy to guess what will happen. An impending wedding or release from jail are both possibilities.

The lack of depth into the protagonist’s backstory makes the book feel unfinished. This book, however, is a fascinating read.

Even when all hope seems lost, the dramatic events of our lives can sometimes lead to unexpected good.

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