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Our terrible choices may come back to haunt us – A Review of Adebayo Abidemi Zainab’s The Sting of Passion

Our terrible choices may come back to haunt us – A Review of Adebayo Abidemi Zainab’s The Sting of Passion

Title: The Sting of Passion

Authors: Adebayo Abidemi Zainab

Publisher: OAK Initiative

Year of Publication: 2022

Number of Pages: 98

Category: Fiction (Short Story Collection)

Adebayo Abidemi Zainab’s The Sting of Passion is a brief collection of three stories that teaches us the gravity of our actions in a chillingly casual manner. The issues depicted in Zainab’s stories feel especially timely given the increasing prevalence of risky behavior among today’s youth, such as bullying, retaliation, vengeance, sexual promiscuity, and seduction.

One of the most impressive aspects of Zainab’s writing is the way in which her stories do not shy away from confronting difficult realities but, rather, approach them head on. Certain narratives, as was to be expected, take unexpected turns and twists in the course of their telling.

The main character, Tolu, falls for a con artist’s scheme in the first story. The security of her ATM card is jeopardized because she spoke with the unknown caller. Just one month after she moves in with her brother, her nephew is taken by the police.

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The book continues on a high note with “The Sting of Passion,” which is a story about shady business practices, sexual promiscuity, and other such topics. It is incredible that a writer can craft stories that, in the span of just a few pages, cause a reader to experience a range of emotions including anger, confusion, and amusement.

The collection comes to a close with “What Goes Around,” in which the main character, once again, must bear the consequences of his actions.

Characters in Zainab’s book make choices that readers may foresee, and the faults she depicts in them—selfishness, greed, carelessness, and stupidity—are ones that readers are more likely to have encountered in real life.

Some readers may become disinterested in Zainab’s writing due to her style and the occasional typos in the book. Although we are all flawed in some manner, the book serves as a useful reminder that there is always possibility for development.

This is the sort of book that can be read quickly in a few minutes before bed, or leisurely in the afternoon when you have a few spare moments.

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