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If you have to be anything, be kind

If you have to be anything, be kind

We live in a cold world, and we are all going through something. Despite what we are going through, many of us continue to smile, even when unkind things are said to us or we say to others inadvertently or unknowingly.

In Tolu A. Akinyemi’s book “If You Have to Be Anything, Be Kind,” he encourages us to be kind in all circumstances and to instil these values in our children from an early age.

Typical of his work, this children’s book is visually appealing and packed with valuable lessons for both young readers and their parents. A vibrant book that will pique the interest of a child who is not particularly enthusiastic about reading books.

At the beginning of the book, we meet a young boy who, like most kids his age, refuses to share a toy with his sister. Of course, their mother plays an admirable part by teaching her kids to be kind to others. The book’s message is simple to read but profound.

In this book, we get an inside look at the struggles that a parent faces as she tries to raise her children in a way that is morally sound and immediately applicable.

When children read this book, they will immediately recognize themselves as one of the characters of the book, and they will also recognize that fighting with one’s siblings is not something that is unique to one family.

Both parents in the book demonstrate how they consciously work to instil in their children a daily act of kindness, and we are able to observe the effects of this parenting on the kids.

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In addition to teaching their child the value of compassion, the parent also stressed the importance of establishing limits. This demonstrated how Akinyemi’s writing is both human and genuine.

Parents may need to encourage their children to return to this book and read it numerous times in order to learn how to treat people with kindness and care when young readers act in a harsh or inconsiderate manner toward one another.

It is possible that adults who read this book will gain an appreciation for the significance of maintaining regular conversations with their children and paying attention to what their kids have to say.

This book will serve as a continual reminder that kindness is the most vital quality a person can possess, regardless of whether you are a child or an adult.

Akinyemi’s writing never fails to wow.

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