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Identifying opportunity when it arrives and ends -A Review of Azeez Amida’s EPE Principle

Identifying opportunity when it arrives and ends -A Review of Azeez Amida’s EPE Principle

Title: Enter Perform Exit (EPE Principle): Understanding the Opportunity Lifecycle

Author: Azeez Amida

Publisher: Audax Publishing

Year of Publication: 2022

Number of Pages: 307

Category: Personal Development

Azeez Amida’s book, Enter Perform Exit, is a combination of his experiences and insights that have kept him afloat. It’s an interesting read about the nature of chance and how to make the most of any given situation.

The book’s huge text appears to shout at the reader at first glance, creating an intimidating atmosphere; but, if you can get past the cover and into the first few pages, you’ll find some very good insights.

The majority of the material is devoted to explaining the necessity of taking advantage of opportunities, their varied forms, and the eventual end to each.

A few anecdotes and quotes here and there. The book helps you understand why you have difficulty detecting chances.

The quality of this book varies drastically from chapter to chapter. It has lines that may be instructive, and while the bulk of the pages are interesting, some may force you to think deeply about matters. Unfortunately, there were a few times where there was a sense of repetition.

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The author’s writing pages exude passion. You are frequently reminded that you are liable for your own life.

Throughout the book, the author employs phrases, situations, and experiences that are both authentic and accessible, and as a result, you will learn more about the author.

However, the author’s contentious contacts with a couple of his ex-colleagues may make you suspicious. You’ll either find him to be a difficult coworker or a colleague with very evident wants and requirements.

Azeez, on the other hand, demonstrates himself to be a motivated individual throughout the book, and he does not sugarcoat the harsh realities of working in an office environment. To put it another way, he doesn’t sugarcoat anything. When it comes to survival, every word of these survival tips should be taken seriously.

This book can be digested in any order and its chapters may be reread whenever you need a little push to seize the day. It is a very quick read that may function as a memoir or guide to self-improvement.

The great majority of us need regular reassurance and prodding. You will undoubtedly return to this book again and again.

Enter Perform Exit by Azeez Amida is a tremendous source of inspiration. This book is not for you if you are comfortable with never changing your life or seizing new opportunities.

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