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Whispers of the Shattered-A Review of Chimeka Garricks’s A Broken Peoples Playlist

Whispers of the Shattered-A Review of Chimeka Garricks’s A Broken Peoples Playlist

Title: A Broken People’s Playlist
Author: Chimeka Garricks
Year of Publication: 2020
Number of Pages: 254
Category: Fiction

The book’s title might surprise you at first, but it’s a subtle nod to the author’s deep love for music. In this collection of 12 Nigerian short stories, each chapter title is inspired by different songs, showing how much the author loves music.

If you’ve read Chimeka Garrick’s previous work “Tomorrow Died Yesterday,” you might have high expectations for this book. However, “A Broken People’s Playlist” shows a more creative side of him, promising readers a new and exciting journey.

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The author clearly comes from the southern region of Nigeria, especially seen in how many of the stories are set in Port Harcourt, his hometown. Nigerian readers, especially, will notice this connection. Garrick proudly embraces his cultural background.

While those who aren’t into music might not fully get the significance of the chapter titles, music fans will enjoy spotting familiar song titles and might even appreciate the author’s diverse musical taste.

When you dive into his playlist, you’ll not only be drawn to his stories but also to his unique writing style. If you’re familiar with his previous works, you won’t be surprised by how simple and easy to read his prose is.

Like with many collections of short stories, some stories will resonate with you more than others. But in this book, each story has its own charm, making it hard to pick a favorite. You’ll notice a common theme as you read through: flashbacks, which remind you of Nollywood films. This deliberate choice adds a special touch to the book, making the reading experience truly unique. Although it might take some time to get used to the alternating use of second and third-person perspectives.

While some stories are funny, others will leave you feeling amazed. Although the author doesn’t warn about mature content, some parts of the book deal with themes not suitable for younger readers. Still, the stories are full of valuable life lessons, covering topics like love, marriage, trauma, and societal issues. It’s a deep dive into the lives of people facing struggles and hardships, stirring a range of emotions from happiness to sadness.

What makes this book stand out is how the characters are intertwined. Just when you think you’ve forgotten about a character, they pop up in another story, showing how connected the narratives are.

After finishing the book, you might feel the urge to listen to the songs that inspired the stories, adding another layer to your appreciation of the author’s creativity.

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Overall, “A Broken People’s Playlist” is perfect for those looking for a light and enjoyable read. Chimeka Garrick impresses once again, delivering a captivating collection of stories that will keep you hooked from beginning to end.

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