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Because of his grace, we are able to do good -A Review of Crystal Cummings’s Keys to an Abundant Life

Because of his grace, we are able to do good -A Review of Crystal Cummings’s Keys to an Abundant Life

Title: Keys to an Abundant Life: Unlock the Secrets to Living off God’s Economy

Author: Crystal Cummings

Publisher: Zengary Publishing Ltd

Year of Publication: 2022

Number of Pages: 84

Category: Non-Fiction

Crystal Cummings grew up in a religious family. With time, she grew resentful of the fact that she was serving man rather than God. God did, however, reveal some truths to her through the written Word. Excited to share the news with her loved ones and others, she wrote the book “Keys to an Abundant Life,” which was the best possible representation of the subject.

It is commendable that the author does not shy away from debating contentious issues in Christian doctrine and practice. According to the author, with the exception of Jesus Christ, no human being has perfectly obeyed God’s laws.

Many questions, including “Is it okay to sin?” will arise in the minds of the readers. What is the point of striving to be a Christian? Does the law contradict God’s promises? Right at this point, Crystal Cummings’s book will come in very handy.

In the chapter titled “Putting God’s Word to Work in Your Life,” additional questions are addressed, and biblical evidence for applying God’s word to your life is presented.

The author does not waste any time getting to the meat of the book, which is how to make it in God’s economy. A lazy person, on the other hand, would miss the point.

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Cummings assures those who have trust issues and are still having difficulty surrendering their lives to God that they are not insane.

The author frequently includes biblical passages to back up her claims, which greatly aids the reader in understanding her message. However, the book’s cover and synopsis don’t exactly reveal that it is a book for Christians, so non-Christian readers may be disappointed; however, Cummings makes up for it with personal anecdotes that are worth reading.

In the final chapter, readers are still directed to consider their beliefs faithfully.

Finally, Cumming’s book promises fulfillment if you maintain the proper attitude, apply God’s word, and function within God’s economy.

The author appears to have abandoned her previous efforts to serve man in favor of a more serious commitment to biblical study, one that allows her to remain unmoved in the face of nagging concerns or the world’s attempts to influence her.

Cummings’ desire to share her excitement for God and the undeserved love her Father provides her will win your admiration, and her ability to keep you interested in what she has to say will win you respect.

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