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Harmattan is the Epitome of Christmas, After All- A Review of Oladejo Fabolude’s Hail

Harmattan is the Epitome of Christmas, After All- A Review of Oladejo Fabolude’s Hail

Title: Hail
Author: Oladejo Fabolude
Publisher: Sapient Hadassah’s Touch Limited
Year of Publication: 2020
Number of Pages: 46
Category: Poetry

Christmas is a big deal in Africa, especially in Lagos, Nigeria, and Nigerians know how to have a good time. Many families have traditions like stringing Christmas lights, attending Christmas carol events and gathering with family and friends to exchange goodwill over a buffet of delectable foods and desserts, as well as wrapping presents. To put it another way, many Western Christmas traditions have found their way into African Christmas traditions. In his poetry collection “Hail,” Oladejo Fabolude wonders why Africans put up extravagant decorations like fake snow and glorify the white snow when we can practically smell and taste Christmas as Harmattan approaches. Whatever way Africans celebrate Christmas, we’ve all been taught over the years that the holiday is meant to be a time of joy and gratitude. However, as Fabolude emphasizes, we must remember to be grateful in both good and bad times.

The exquisite “Original Praise: The Second Version” is a good sample of the collection’s tone. “To the one I love / To God above, / I bring original praise, / It’s a personal type of worship. / Personal in so many ways / Not verbatim from David’s Psalms / Nor or split Red Seas. /It’s for miracles seen in my own life, / Of what He’s done for me.” he writes.

Poems such as “Bring Me A Lion and A Bear” and “Safe and Secure” encourage you not to make snap decisions without contacting God first. From the very first line to the very last, Fabolude understands the necessity of trusting God to guide you in your daily life. This book encourages us to admit that we don’t know enough to create our own path in life and that making poor decisions can be costly.

Some of the poems in the collection are difficult to put into words, but a large part of the pleasure stems from their refusal to conform to traditional poetic forms. To truly grasp what Fabolude is doing on the page, you must read the poems at least twice and then aloud to grasp the message the author is attempting to convey, as he can appear disconnected from what is written at times.

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“Commitment without End” feels like it was written for a spouse who is terrified of commitment, especially from a disappointed partner who believes the person they care about isn’t fully committed to the relationship and is generating confusion.

Fabolude’s past is wisely and gratefully reckoned in this book of poems. The poem “Hail” expresses the author’s beginnings and experiences. From his humble beginnings to his job-hopping and country-hopping. This poetry is deeply personal, and his true-life experience will inspire the listener to grow in their faith in God.

This collection of poems recognizes God as the supreme being who has solutions to all of life’s issues, and challenges. Your faith will grow as you read, making your life more productive and stress-free because God is in charge.

It’s all too easy to get caught up in our fast-paced lifestyles. The poems of Oladejo Fabolude will make you grateful at any time.

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