• Sunday, June 23, 2024
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A Christmas like no other

A Christmas celebration – sort of

In the last Covid infested two years, one has been expecting Christmas without actually seeing it. We have been expectant. There is music, carols and neighbours shopping.

Many have been watching from the sidelines. Others have been grieving. People have lost loved ones to Covid, to bandits, to terrorists, kidnappers and armed robbers in between. Small businesses have taken off and crashed. Big businesses have collapsed like a pack of cards and ambitious buildings have nosedived like I’ll fated planes.

The Ikoyi 21 storey building crackling like boiled eggs one fateful day and flattening dreams and people and concrete. We awoke to cries and curdling screams. A nation of people with little interest in process, claiming the lives of innocent people and the larger than life owner. It is the season of another and the place where a risen star-like Tiwa Savage still has self-esteem problems. It is the year where she made a Kim Kardashian like sex tape and dubbed its uploading a mistake.

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The mistake of the Christmas season is that we think the clothes make the monk and forget that Christmas is not the finery or even the chicken. It is the season of hope. The season of sacrifice and deep reflection. The reason for the season became once and for all the reason we remember and celebrate. A symbol of a man Jesus Christ, who gave his life for humanity. How many of us can even sacrifice our food? Sacrifice our time and even the clothes we no longer need.

This Christmas, let us step back and remember Orphans, that cousin who is struggling, a friend who has lost everything. Surprise them with a visit, a simple hamper, a note. Anything to tell them they are loved and cherished. We may eat many turkey delicacies and kill cows to show off, we may wash our hands with champagne but believe me all of it is meaningless if you do not have the spirit of giving or self-reflection.

Christmas should be in our hearts, not the outward show of giving or the heavy designer clothes we wear. It is about who you touched this Christmas and who touched you hoping for a life-changing moment.

Do not disappoint Jesus Christ who went about in humility, wearing sandals and providing for the multitude while preaching peace. I cannot recall where it says in the Bible that Jesus was showing off while spraying dollar notes on a celebrant. Merde! Not our Jesus. You cannot follow Jesus Christ if you do not serve, be humble, be hardworking, be charitable and kind.

This is Christmas and it’s one like no other. In the face of storms and challenges in 2020 and 2021, who you help?