• Friday, March 01, 2024
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Why some ladies prefer braids to wigs


Christmas season is here again and braided styles are still gaining the admiration of many ladies. Although braids come with the stress of sitting for long hours, ladies are not giving up as more beautiful and trendy braid styles top the hair trend list. Wigs of course have great advantages too, but ladies seem to fancy braids this season regardless of the hike in extension price.

Some ladies prefer braids because it has a way of making one look younger, and it can be styled in so many ways.

Braids are very easy to maintain, you do not need so many products to keep it in good shape. It also prevents split ends and hair loss and minimizes tangles and friction.

Some ladies prefer braids because they are comfortable as against wigs that can get uncomfortable over a long period of time.

Wearing a wig to work out, swim, or sleep is not as practical as wearing braids. Wigs also give rise to rashes, headaches, and itching.

Braids can be done on a low budget, but to get a wig on a low budget can be risky

And importantly, Braids are timeless!

Wigs cannot be overlooked for its urgency, there are women that still prefer wigs to braids anyday, anytime.

Regardless, which do you prefer ?

If you are looking to try on braids this christmas, feel free to choose any of these gorgeous styles:

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