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When greener pastures beckon- A review of Lola Aworanti-Ekugo’s Lagos to London

When greener pastures beckon- A review of Lola Aworanti-Ekugo’s Lagos to London

Title: Lagos to London
Author: Lola Aworanti-Ekugo
Publisher: Parresia Publishers
Year of Publication: 2021
Number of Pages: 237
Category: Fiction

For some, leaving your home country for the first time to study abroad represents the freedom and independence of being alone in a completely new environment, while for others, it is a means of escaping their home country and never returning, but whatever the reason, it changes you and your perspective on life.

Lagos to London, by Lola Aworanti-Ekugo, reads like a memoir. The story follows two Nigerians from different backgrounds as they study in the United Kingdom, as well as international students’ trials and tribulations.

The first of three parts introduces Remi Coker’s law-obsessed parents. Remi aspired to be a writer, but she has no choice but to study law. Even in fiction, it takes a lot of guts for a Nigerian child to refuse to follow in his or her parents’ footsteps. This is a very relatable book.

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Nnamdi Okonkwo appears to be tired of his university’s never-ending strike action in Nigeria. This progression explains his desire to pursue a stable and high-quality education in another country. One of the novel’s most strikingly effective aspects is the dialogue between father and son, which is both heartfelt and convincingly realistic.

Remi is new to the UK as a student, and the pressure mounts. Remi’s concern was genuine and sincere. It’s intimidating for her at first, but as with most things, you get used to it. Learning how to be a lawyer is difficult, but that doesn’t stop her from being creative and passionate about the arts. This book provides the reader with an inside look at student life in the United Kingdom.

London, like Lagos, is “alive and vibrant.” We don’t think Nnamdi will be surprised by London if he can survive Lagos’ “craziness.” He faces challenges in his job search, financial difficulties, adjusting to life in the United Kingdom, and a desire to stay. There is desperation, disappointment, and the fight for survival. The book looks at how an immigrant can settle in the UK and become a British citizen.

Like Obinze in Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s Americanah, Nnamdi Okonkwo tries to find someone to arrange a sham marriage for him. He promised that once he married a Londoner, he’d get his real papers and everything would be fine. We follow Nnamdi through time as he tries to navigate the pitfalls that come his way; will he be able to survive?
People yearn for human connection, and it’s amazing that these two were able to meet. Because they are well-drawn, genuine, and realistic, Nnamdi and Remi are two characters with whom you can easily empathize. There were major themes discussed (sisterhood, inter-ethnic marriages, family, and so on), but they were never overbearing.

Another intriguing aspect of Lola Aworanti-Ekugo’s debut novel Lagos to London is how well it provides some coping strategies for making studying abroad a little easier. On the other hand, the description of the United Kingdom’s surroundings is inadequate. Because some readers may struggle while reading the book, the author’s writing could be improved to create a compelling story that readers will find difficult to put down.

It can be exciting to leave your home country to study in another, but it can also be challenging, and many people become disoriented as a result. Story of Lola Aworanti Ekugo’s motivates young people to persevere while also assisting others on their journey of self-discovery.

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