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The Spotlight Series: C&C Luxury

The Luxury Network is delighted to bring you the second feature in our The Spotlight Series – a collection of exciting features designed to put the spotlight on luxury in Nigeria, alongside international luxury brands and services across our global network.

The Spotlight Series is designed to provide information about best-in-class products and services across all luxury lifestyle categories, and engage the luxury enthusiast with content designed to speak to their passions and aspirations – from a Nigerian perspective.

Over the coming weeks, we will bring you exciting content, news, interviews, behind-the-scenes stories and more, from the leading designers and boutiques, venues, hotels and retailers, homes and travel destinations, the finest places to eat, the best places to visit, art, technology and gadgets, real estate and automobiles, top-tier service providers, world-class concierge services and much more, all across Nigeria and the international luxury stage.

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This week, the Spotlight is on C&C Luxury, a high-end gifting and concierge service company located in Lagos, Nigeria, that has been featured in British Vogue. Vanity Fair and various other high-profile locations. C&C Luxury is a member of The Luxury Network Nigeria.

Name: C&C Luxury
Sector: Luxury hospitality
Established: 2016
Products / Services: Luxury hampers, luxury gifts, international shopping concierge
CSR initiatives: A percentage of our sales is donated to orphanages and COVID-19 relief agencies
Bestsellers: Harrods hampers


Describe C&C Luxury in 3 words: Luxury, Value, Excellent service delivery

Tell us about C&C Luxury:
C&C Luxury is a luxury gifting and concierge service company that curates thoughtful gifts and experiences for tasteful individuals and corporate organizations. Our services are geared towards providing exceptional experiences to clients, employees and other stakeholders all year round locally and internationally for different occasions. We target and fulfil the needs of individuals and organizations that are unwilling to compromise on quality, style and exclusivity.

What is unique about your company:
We offer personalized services to individuals and corporations who desire exceptional quality of services at a moment’s notice. C&C has been providing unique gifting and concierge services since 2016. We focus on personal needs and are dedicated to providing our clients with the finest services.

What makes you one of the leading gifting and concierge in Nigeria?
C&C Luxury was born out of my personal need and desire to use gifting as a means of establishing, strengthening and adding value to relationships. We are a curator of luxury, custom gifts and experiences for individuals & corporations who value relationships. We create thoughtful gifts and experiences for happy memories.

Describe the kind of clients that come to C&C Luxury.
Our extensive network of Clients includes the most talented and influential people, as well as diplomatic and governmental institutions who are impressed by our team’s reliability and quality of work.

What are some of the key features or highlights about your service?
At C&C Luxury, we have a fusion of homegrown and international brands for client satisfaction. We have been featured in British Vogue & Vanity fair magazines and we pride ourselves as the leader of the luxury gift & concierge sector in Nigeria.

We are delighted to announce a special collaboration with MyStyleWindow; London-based shopping concierge company, to broaden our reach and enable greater access to the finest international brands, for our clients from any location in Nigeria. We are trailblazers in the Nigerian gifting and concierge industry and our service is truly second-to-none.

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