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The best 5 Apps to use while relocating abroad

The best five Apps to use while relocating abroad

Moving overseas might present many challenges, but fortunately, technology is on our side. There are many of helpful apps available to assist foreigners living overseas, from helping you navigate a new place to teaching you the local language. Some of our favorites are listed here.

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Google Maps
There’s a reason why Google Maps is among the most widely used navigation apps. You can locate locations and directions almost anywhere in the globe with Google Maps. It includes driving, walking, and public transportation options, so you may travel in style and choose the optimal path.

The area search feature on Google Maps is an extra bonus. So you can just search for what you need and it will show you what’s nearby, whether you need food, parking, or public restrooms. When looking for the best restaurant within walking distance, Google Maps’ integration of Google Reviews allows you to see what other people think about the amenities you require. Additionally, if necessary, you can share your location with others and save locations to refer to later.

The goal of the social networking app Meetup is to bring people together. It is mostly used to plan in-person gatherings of individuals with comparable interests, pastimes, and/or occupations.

This app has proven to be really helpful for expatriates. It might be lonely to relocate overseas, but Meetup makes it easy to connect with locals and other expats who share your interests. A section of the app is devoted to international groups, with some of the biggest ones based in Tallinn, Paris, Tokyo, and Valencia. In addition to its social applications, the app is utilized in some regions as a language exchange tool to assist foreigners in learning the native tongue and locals in learning English.

Duolingo is essential if you need to learn a new language and are moving overseas. It provides instruction in more than 40 languages, such as French, Japanese, Arabic, and Spanish. With entertaining interactive lessons that include translation tasks and quizzes for an interesting experience, the app “gamifies” learning languages. The app employs artificial intelligence (AI) to customize lessons to your level and pace.

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Duolingo has been shown to be a successful approach to language acquisition, and the program employs techniques supported by science to assist users pick up languages more quickly. According to a recent study, after four semesters of instruction, a group of adults who studied a language using Duolingo showed reading and listening comprehension levels comparable to those of university students.

Google Lens
There are many applications for Google Lens, but its translation feature might be especially useful for foreigners living abroad. Using the camera on your smartphone, you may utilize Google Lens’ translate feature to translate words in real time. To translate text into the desired language, just aim your camera at any printed object, such as a menu or sign. The software will take care of the translation for you.

While you’re still learning the language and are new to a nation, Google Lens can be a huge assistance. Google Lens is accessible in more than 100 languages, so it can help you with tasks like reading safety signs and menus while you’re in a restaurant or need help with navigation. In addition, the software can assist with other tasks like recognizing plants and looking up furniture or clothing on the internet that you spot while out and about.

You have several options when it comes to banking apps for use abroad. One of the most widely used is Wise, which enables worldwide transactions to and from more than 160 countries. You can maintain funds in your account in any of the more than 40 currencies, or you can open a multi-currency account with bank data in nine different currencies.

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You may pay bills, verify currency rates, and send and receive money internationally using the app. In order to ensure that you always have the most recent information, you can also set up alerts for changes in exchange rates.