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Taking a STAND

Taking a STAND

We are about ending the third quarter of the year and given the way 2020 has been, we are probably wondering about goals unmet and routes not taken, however, in the face of any delays or disappointments seen this year, this is my charge to you as we edge toward the fourth quarter of 2020. STAND!

STAND: “an action of staying upright or standing on one’s feet” as defined by the Oxford dictionary. Take a Stand:

S- Strength

T- Tenacity

A – Adaptation

N- Never Quit

D – Develop a thankful attitude


Strength is defined as “the quality or state of being physically strong” or “the capacity of an object or substance to withstand great force or pressure” by Oxford dictionary.com.

Keyways to create and sustain strength; Healthy Living: Eat healthily, exercise regularly and meditate daily (quiet time). Eating right, exercising appropriately and finding time to mediate builds strength that helps you withstand daily stressors. Keep nurturing relationships: This is the time to keep healthy relationships around you. God, Family, Friends, – you must nurture and be nurtured. Relationships are designed to bring out the best in you at all times. Sustain your healthy relationships and let go of unhealthy ones. Hope: Be a hope monger. Believe and hold fast to what you believe. Surround yourself with hope. Self-love: Pamper and treat yourself well. Be kind to yourself. Allow mistakes and learn from them. Love yourself.


Being tenacious comes out of a place of strength; one flows from another, a determination to survive and thrive in spite of whatever circumstances are out there; tough economic conditions and unhealthy social relations. Tenacity is the currency of now for everyone. Go against all odds, win and achieve your dreams.


With the current trends in the workplace globally, adaptability is key to being successful. Adaptability as a skill refers to the ability of a person to change actions, course or approach to doing things in order to suit a new situation. With the onset of the fourth revolution; the constant threat of job losses with new technologies being developed faces the professional daily, also with the recent boom in the development of applications, coding and other technological innovations being spearheaded by the millennials, one needs to adapt to these new innovations and adopt the necessarily needed technologies in order to be relevant in the workforce and marketplace. As you take a stand, you ought to also keep up with the trends by learning new skills that would grow your knowledge base and ability to compete.

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It has become common practice in this new age to give up at the very first sign of resistance. We are being taught to not fix it if it’s broken, however, what if it is fixable? Learn to build strength through persistence and having an attitude of a champion. Champions may fall now and then but they never quit. They keep at it till they win. A winner uses failure as a learning opportunity to do better. Failure is good. It all adds up to experiences you can share. This is good as long as you are not a heart surgeon!


Being thankful is an antidote to worry. Counting your blessings daily and just being grateful for each passing moment is essential for strength building. Do things that make you happy and thankful for life.  Take out time during your day to just reflect and be thankful for the good. Positive vibes only!!

Despite what 2020 has thrown at us. Let’s STAND.


Oge is a published author, writer and speaker. She is the Editor and writer of GetFearlessly AunthenticTM Newsletter, a personal leadership newsletter that chronicles her life as a professional.  She is involved in causes for women, young people and the vulnerable.  She loves to read comics, watch comedy flicks, listen to music and play golf.  Shares her love threefold- Love for God, Love for People, Love for Country. www.ogemodie.com

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