• Wednesday, April 24, 2024
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No gree for anybody: 5 things not to gree for this year

No gree for anybody: 5 things not to gree for this year

Starting off 2024 on a Monday, showed that this is the year you buckle your shoe and get down to serious business. The theme for the year “No gree for anybody”, also amplifies the same thing.

In that determined spirit, here are 5 things not to gree for this year.


Sapa is a slang in Nigeria denoting poverty or a relative lack of wealth, a feeling of financial incapacity due to overspending. This should be the year where you take a stand against sapa and hold it by its throat, remember how mercilessly it dealt with you last year. Put yourself out there, utilize your social media, tell people what you do, monetize your skill no matter how ordinary you think it is, don’t just sit and wait for a miracle. Get to work!


Whether it’s toxic relationship, pessimistic thoughts, or energy draining situations, 2024 is the year to filter the unnecessary and focus on positivity. Embrace a mindset that uplifts, leaving no room for doubts and negativity. Stand in front of your mirror and keep speaking positive things to yourself everyday if you have to, whatever it takes, make sure you no gree for negativity this year.


This year, bid farewell to self-doubt. It’s time to recognize your worth, embrace your skills, and acknowledge that you are more than capable of achieving greatness. No gree for anybody who tells you otherwise, even if that person is you.


There’s no room for delaying goals and dreams. Whether it’s a skill you have been meaning to learn or a project you have been putting off, now is the time to get things done. Why wait when you can conquer now?

Settling for less

Whether it’s in your career, relationships, or personal growth, 2024 is the year to raise the bat. Don’t ‘gree’ for less than you deserve. Strive for excellence and push your boundaries.

Cheers to unstoppable wins, endless possibilities, a year filled with serious business and a sprinkle of fun.