• Saturday, February 24, 2024
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Netflix reviews for weekender

Netflix reviews for weekender


We’ll remember it’s the season of Christmas and we will be having loads of Christmas movies, every week. I wasn’t so sure what to expect from this movie, but I decided to see it anyway, as I have created my preferred list for the season. I initially had assumed that it would have a story where 2 different families swop for Christmas but I was wrong. The Walker family all complained bitterly about their roles in the family as parents and kids, one day they go out to see a Christmas telescope and boom, they switch bodies the mum becomes the daughter and the daughter the mum, the father becomes the son and the son the father, it was really wild, but they tried to pass a message across, stop complaining about your role and just live your best life, by the time they returned to their bodies they were more grateful about life. Do check out this lovely Christmas movie and thank me later. The 105m comedy/family movie was directed by McG, they featured actors like Emma Myers, Brady Noon, Jennifer Garner, Matthias Schweighofer, Ed Helms, Rita Moreno, Vanessa Carrasco and many more .

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Initially I thought this was going to be something close to an action movie, I guess I was wrong as I didn’t see the twist revealed in this movie at all, wait till the very end in order to understand the movie totally. Claire was a young pretty lady, who desperately wanted to work with Scott Crane, who was the best real estate agent in town, she felt working with him would change her life and make her better, she had studied everything about him and was clear on how she will rise to the top swiftly. The movie took an entire new twist, when she met Eve Crane, who was very strange and mysterious, she fell in love with her, and thought that things will go well for them both, little did she know, she was being used and had being played all along, do check it out to see the length she had to go to, to vindicate herself from her boss’s date. The 105m mystery, thriller, romance movie was directed by Ernie Barbara’s, they featured actors like Kat Graham, Merriy Patterson, Sebastian Roche, Cardiff Wong, Roger Cross, Aren Buchholz and many more.

65 (2023)

Having seen this for a while I summoned the courage to watch the movie, I felt the story was a bit unrealistic and dragged for too long, it could have being made a bit shorter and the message would still have being passed, but anyway if you are a great fan of science friction movies, you might want to try this out. So pilot Mills was on a mission to take some passengers to their home planet, when a catastrophe occurred and made them land in an unknown planet, then he realises later that they were stranded in Earth with no help in site, this was technically 65 million years ago, Mills and Kao the only surviving passengers will have to battle through the wild forest, wild animals and Dynasasours to get to the other part of the space ship on the mountain and see if they can make their way out to their home planet. Go check it out to see if they made it out at the tail end. The 93m Sci-Fi, Adventure,Action, Mystery and thriller movie was directed by Scott Beck and Bryan Woods, they featured actors like Adam Driver, Ariana, Chloe Coleman, Scott Beck.