• Sunday, April 21, 2024
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Netflix reviews for weekender

Netflix adds over 9m subscribers on content growth

ADIRE (2024)

There is something so sweet and nice about this Nigerian movie called “Adire”. They told a very relatable story, taking us back memory lane to the ancient Yoruba kingdom, culture and tradition. Kehinde Bankole played the lead role in the movie as “Adire”. She moved to a new city after fleeing from her ex- employer, who was using her to make money from his rich clients, through illicit sex, despite all she did to set herself free, he never just agreed, till one day she stole some money and ran far away, or so she thought till her good clothing’s gave her out and he came looking for her. You will need to watch the entire movie to see how she impacted the women and the city positively despite being judged wrongly, she was willing to change and turn a new leaf, till trouble came knocking at her door again. The 123m Nollywood, drama, social issues, African movie was directed by Adeoluwa Owu, they featured actors like Funlola aofiyebi-Raimi, Femi Branch, Yvonne Jegede, Yemi Blaq, Ifeanyi Kalu, Idowu Phillips, Lizzy Jay, Ibrahim chatta, Tomi Ojo and many more.

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I struggled with this movie for a while before clicking on it to check it out. It was a simple and basic British movie one you will need to watch with full concentration to get a hang of the story. Izi was a simple guy that worked a simple 9am -5pm, but wanted a good life, he lived in a place called “The kitchen”, the only place left for the, it was one of the only surviving social housing estate left for the poor, and yet the government wanted to take it off, pushing them out with no where to turn, in order to save their homes, the boys and teenagers in the estate had to fight the police day and night, trying all they could to stop them from kicking them out and taking over the estate. The movie told a story of what was likely to happen come 2044 in London, if things were not done right, well do check it out to see how it ended, as they were ready to go down for everything. The 108m Sci-Fi, British, drama movie was directed by Kibwe Tavares, Daniel Kaluuya, they featured acts like Kane Robinson, Jedaiah Bannerman, Hope Ikpoku Jr. , Ian Wright, Teija Kabs, Demmy Ladipo, Cristale, BackRoad Gee, Rasaq Kukoyi, Henry Lawful, Alan Asaad and many more.

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DINNER (2016)

Although “The Dinner” is an old movie, it just surfaced again on Netflix and doing very well, so I thought I should check it out. So it started out as a very simple dinner where Adetunde George will introduce his bestman Mike to his wife to be, they wanted to get to know each other, spend some time to unwind over dinner, until he decided to bring his old friend and colleague Richard, who his wife had desperately warned him against, but he wouldn’t listen. They hadn’t even finished the dinner and drinks, when different issues erupted, they started fighting each other and letting out secrets of the past that would finally destroy their future, had they known, they could have avoided this dinner or better still left Richard out, as I could see from the onset, he was a no good fellow for this outing, well you would need to watch the entire movie, to see how Richard’s big for nothing mouth, arrogance and pride brought down the roof and it all came crushing them all and their future. The 109m Nollywood, drama, thriller, African movie was directed by Jay Franklyn Jituboh, they featured actors like Okey Uzoeshi, Keira Hewatch, Enyinna Nwigwe, Kehinde Bankole, Deyemi Okanlawon, Richard Mofe-Damijo, Ireti Doyle and many more.