• Tuesday, February 27, 2024
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7 best movies for kids to watch on Netflix right now

7 best movies for kids to watch on Netflix right now

Netflix is bursting with movies for little adventurers, From adorable animals to dazzling adventures, these 5 flicks are sure to make your whole family smile. Get ready for laughter, adventure, and maybe even a tear or two.

Here are 7 best movies for kids to watch on Netflix right now:

Puss in Boots: The Last Wish -2023

In an unexpected turn, the presumed-dead Shrek franchise made a triumphant return with “The Last Wish”. This spin-off sequel, featuring a visually stunning style akin to Into the Spider-Verse, surprised audiences with its poignant exploration of Shrek’s confrontation with mortality. The film, a critical and commercial success, is hailed as arguably the best in the series, blending humor, cleverness, and memorable moments.

The Sea Beast Year: 2022

Netflix’s unexpected hit of 2022, crafted by one of the minds behind Bolt and Big Hero 6, seamlessly blends elements from previous successes like How to Train Your Dragon, Moana, and Pirates of the Caribbean, with a dash of Kaiju. Despite familiar influences, the film stands out as a detailed adventure that caters to the entire family, making it a surprising and well-received addition to the streaming platform.

Wendell & Wild Year: 2022

The director of A Nightmare Before Christmas and Coraline, Henry Selick, collaborated with Oscar-winner Jordan Peele on a clever and twisted tale. Peele also co-stars as one of the literal demons haunting a girl who blames herself for her parents’ death. Selick’s mastery of stop-motion animation shines, exploring new and visually striking, albeit grotesque, elements. The film is poised to become a raving Halloween classic.

Guillermo del Toro’s Pinocchio Year: 2022

The Oscar-winning director showcased his visionary skills in stop-motion animation with this instant classic, a poignant retelling of the beloved Pinocchio fairy tale. Featuring spectacular voice work, the film sets Pinocchio in the pre-World War II era, providing a canvas for exploring themes of innocence and violence once again. It stands as a deeply personal and beautiful cinematic achievement.

The Mitchells vs. the Machines Year: 2021

Originally slated for a theatrical release by Sony under the title “Connected,” the film found itself on Netflix during the pandemic—a decision likely regretted by the studio. In 2021, it emerged as one of the year’s most cherished animated films, celebrated both critically and commercially. This smart and sweet family vacation movie doubles as a comedy, emphasizing the tender relationship between a father and daughter while they unexpectedly join forces to save the world.

Apollo 10 ½: A Space Age Childhood Year: 2022

The acclaimed writer/director of Waking Life revisited his distinctive animated style in a charming, nostalgic coming-of-age story set just before the Apollo 11 landing. A personal endeavor for Linklater, the film follows the fictional journey of a fourth-grader who becomes the first person to land on the moon. With its charm and sweetness, this film appeals to every family member, from grandparents to kids.

DC League of Super-pets Year: 2022

Experience the timeless charm of Bud Abbott and Lou Costello, one of the world’s most popular comedy teams, through their classic monster movie. Treat your kids to the duo’s impeccable comic timing in this delightful and enduring cinematic gem.