• Sunday, May 26, 2024
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Netflix reviews

5 interesting movies to watch on Netflix this May #netflix #movies #businessday

60 MINUTES (2024)

Well I heard that a few people online were comparing this movie to the great “John Wick”, so I decided to go check it out and confirm for myself, sincerely I don’t think this movie should be in anyway compared to my “John Wick”, because “John Wick” is way better than this, although the action movie was okay and exciting, for me it was just a basic action packed movie that told a story in 60 minutes as the name implied. So Leonie was a professional boxer and was meant to take on a big fight that would bring him loads of money. On getting to the battle arena, he gets a call from his baby mama, threatening him, that if he doesn’t appear for his daughter’s birthday that same day within an hour, he should forget about seeing her ever again in life. Honestly, Leonie couldn’t take that information, that call ruined his day, the fight and that infuriated a lot of people. Well, you will need to go check out the entire movie to judge for yourself, you need to see the length he had to go to, and what he had to pass through to make it to his daughter within an hour. The 89m German, sports, martial arts, action movie was directed by Oliver Kienle, they featured actors like Emilio Sakraya, Dennis Mojen, Marie Mouroum, Paul Wollin, Florian Schmidtke, Aristo Luis, Jose Barros Moncada, Janna Striebeck etc.

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It wasn’t an easy choice, but after going through various recommendations from people I finally decided to just check the movie out, maybe the movie isn’t really my kind of movie, but I guess I have to still bring you the story. So I guess “Merry Men 1” was okay, till they decided to spoil it with 2, which I really didn’t quite get, nor understand, I actually thought they would stop there, but knew they would still want to give 3 a shot and they did, for me I felt they could have ended it in 2, but my guess was as bad as yours, well welcome to part 3. In this part, they tried to connect us to 1 and 2 and I really couldn’t still find the connection, I am wondering what they will do in 4 because I can smell that already from a far distance. Before I bore you so much with my whining, let me tell you a bit about the story. So in this new edition, Ramsey was taking his wedding vows, when he heard a voice and found a video playing where his friend was killed life on the screen, and it all looked like a movie, but it was real, that immediately turned the wedding ceremony upside down as everyone took to their hills running for shelter and hoping they won’t be killed. The crew had to run to a safe hiding place, to think and re-strategize on the next steps as they also had another friend murdered that same day in cold blood, then they understood, this was no games but a real war about to kick off. Ramsey had to explain the story to them explaining that he thought his old friend Chidi Mokeme was dead, but he is sure that he still alive and back for revenge. Well do go check it out for yourself to decide if the movie was good enough for you. The 131m Nollywood, Crime, thriller, Africa, violence, sex and language movie was directed by Inwang, they featured actors Ramsey Nouah, Chidi Mokeme, Iretiola Doyle, Ayo Makun, Ufuoma McDermott, Uchemba Williams, Nadia Buari, Segun Arinze and many more.

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DEEP FEAR (2023)

So Naomi went sailing with her parents when she was 8 years old, suddenly a bad storm hit them her father saved her and drown trying to save her mum. She became an orphan at 8, but didn’t stop her from growing to become the best female sailors in the Caribbean. One day during the cause of sailing Naomi found some people stranded on the sea and stopped to save them, despite being warned by her boyfriend, what seemed like a simple rescue turned out quickly into a hostage/kidnap situation. Do check out the movie to see how Naomi had to now fight for her life, from those she once rescued, I was filled with rage and anger wishing all through that she never stopped to help these wicked fellows, who then ganged up against her. The 89m Action,/Mystery & thriller movie was directed by Marcus Adams, they featured actors like Madalina Diana Ghenea, Ed Westwick, Macarena Gomez, Stanley Coppet, Ibrahuna Gueye, Mike Parish and many more.