Mega trouble 2

As Mega approached me, I knew instinctively that this was going to be the end for me. I have never seen so much hate in anyone’s eyes and it was clear that this guy was out to finish me because “I bruised his ego”.

He furrowed his brows and his eyes were deep, dark and menacing.

I was shaking like a leaf, not because of the cold water he poured on me but out of fear. I could feel my heart rate double. I thought I might die of a heart attack before he even began to cut me up.

I lay helpless on the cold floor, soaked in tears, water and blood and I was at the mercy of a deranged cultist. It felt as if my soul was depleted and my strength was running out. The clock was ticking and I had resigned myself to fate. Death was only a few inches from me.

Mega dropped the knife of the floor and stooped beside me. If looks could kill, I would have died a thousand times over. My eyes fell on the knife and I wished I had super powers like in the movies so that I could conjure the knife to tear his throat. He began to undress me. He forcefully yanked off my blood stained jeans as he looked at me with contempt. What sort of man could be so unforgiving? Why nurse an unnecessary ‘beef’ for so long? As I thought about forgiveness, I also thought about God and I began to confess every sin I could remember. I was about to die so it was best I made my ways right with my maker.

If Mega was going to rape and kill me, he could as well get it over with. I needed an end to all the pain I was feeling. But it didn’t look as if he had any plans of raping me instead he lowered the knife on my thighs and began to cut me slowly, I could feel the knife slithering down my thighs as warm blood gushed out. The pain was like nothing I had felt in my life. It was a painful pain. I was too weak and too battered to struggle or beg the monster to stop what he was doing. What was the point begging him anyway? He wasn’t going to stop until he heard me take my last breath.

He was cutting my other thigh but I couldn’t feel anything anymore. I was numb. Then I started to feel my eye dilating. My breathing was slow and irregular. My life was at a low ebb… sipping out of me gradually. Then everything became black or was it blank?

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When I opened my eyes all I could see was bright light. I was so happy that I made it to heaven. I saw angels in white moving so fast all around me, I guess that was my welcome party. But one particular angel sounded like my mother and she was screaming so loud and saying things that I couldn’t really make out, what was she doing in heaven anyway? Her screaming didn’t sound like a hymn, is this even allowed in heaven? Everything was blank again.

I opened my eyes again and this time around I saw tubes sticking out of every part of my body. The pain was back and it was indescribable. I took time to look around my surrounding, ok this wasn’t heaven but a hospital. How did I get here?

So Mega had me locked up in his house for three days and my parents had reported me missing. The police officer in charge of the case who coincidentally turned out to be my mom’s old school mate swung into action immediately. With the information I sent to Joy it was easy for the police to “nab” Mega.

While I battled for my life in the hospital for three months, Mega was locked up in the police cell waiting for his day in court. I wasn’t looking forward to any court proceedings because I was still healing from the physical and mental torture inflicted by Mega.

By the time the police rescued me from his hell hole, I was a mess of torn and mangled flesh. I had lost two front teeth, I had multiple lacerations on my thighs, back and hand, multiple fractures and a broken rib. I only survived that ordeal by a hairs breath.

Six months later, I was taken on a wheelchair into the courtroom to meet the man who almost took my life. There he was sitting with a crooked smile on his face, no sign of remorse on his evil face. The moment our eyes locked, something snapped in me and I became hysterical. I couldn’t be calmed until I passed out and landed in the hospital. Mom’s school mate, the police officer looked at me with pain in his eyes, I saw how hard he was fighting to hold back his tears. He knew how traumatising it would be to take me into that courtroom again so he promised to find another way out of the situation. He had a daughter exactly my age so he would do for me what he would have done if I was his daughter.

The next court hearing was in a few days and I was already having nightmares about it. But I was happy when my parents informed me that I won’t have to go to court ever again because Mega was found dead in his cell that morning and the case had been struck out. The cause of death was unknown but the police said they couldn’t rule out a heart attack.
This was the best news ever. Justice was served and I can’t be bothered about how it happened. I don’t have to worry about looking over my shoulders for the rest of my life. Now all I have to do is to concentrate on giving my body and mind enough time to heal completely. My body is scarred. My mind too. But I’m grateful for life

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