• Thursday, February 29, 2024
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How Deraspeaks’ new spokenword single illuminates minds


Deraspeaks, a spoken word minister and song writer has continued to illuminate the minds of people with her latest work, “I need help, I messed up” spokenword single currently making waves on all global streaming platforms.

Born Favour Ogbonnaya with the stage name Deraspeaks, the spokenword artiste has continued to use her voice to draw the attention of listeners to be real and true to the worship of God irrespective of circumstances and situation.

In her latest work titled “I need help, I messed up,” she emphasized importance of being grateful and constantly giving gratitude to God at all times.

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In some of her own lamentations in the spokenword, she said, “She is hopeless, all alone. Everything she seems to place her hands on is crumbling down. Please help her, she is about to drown. I thought I was doing all the right thing by praying yet complaining. I am filled with so much ingratitude and I can wash the world away with it. I am making it look I am the victim, yet I am the one terrorizing myself.”

According to Deraspeaks, she is out to restore and elevate people’s imagination spiritually, creating an atmosphere of calm, comfort and belief in all circumstances and situations for believers.

She explained, “I am sometimes like a rolling thunder, perhaps another time like a wispy rush of worded air aimed at captivating listeners and worshippers to focus more on the many positives rather than the few negatives – this is the embedded message in my latest work, “I need help, I messed up.”

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A budding talent, Deraspeaks spokenword is available on all streaming global platforms including Spotify, Audiomack, Apple Music and more. Haven break into the scene since 2018, Deraspeaks has ministered in many quarters including Winners Canaanland, Salvation Ministry Headquarters, Mountain of fire Headquarters and Redeemed Christian Church of God Headquarters.

She also wowed the audience at the recent 17th edition of The Future Awards Africa in Lagos, preceded by an international Performance in Kenya.