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How Augustina Abisuga champions inclusivity, takes African Fashion to the world with Spring Stitches

How Augustina Abisuga champions inclusivity, takes African Fashion to the world with Spring Stitches

Augustina Temitope Abisuga’s love for African fashion blossomed in her childhood. Today, she is the founder of Spring Stitches, an Afrocentric clothing line that has captured the hearts of women worldwide with its quality, timeless, and versatile designs. Her story is about passion and celebrating African culture.

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Empowering confidence through Afrocentric fashion

Spring Stitches was born in 2016 out of Augustina’s desire to inspire women to embrace their cultural identity with confidence and beauty. Drawing from her experiences growing up in Lagos, where traditional designs met modern influences, Augustina sought to create a brand that seamlessly blended the two worlds. This resulted in a collection of exquisite pieces that not only celebrate African heritage but also empower women of all sizes and body types to feel included and celebrated.

“At Spring Stitches, we believe that every woman deserves to feel confident and beautiful in what she wears,” says Augustina. “That’s why we offer custom measurements for our designs, ensuring that each piece caters to the unique body types of women across the globe.”

A creative vision unveiled

Augustina’s journey to becoming a fashion entrepreneur was not without its twists and turns. After obtaining a Bachelor’s degree in Mass Communication and gaining valuable experience in traditional and digital marketing, she felt a pull towards her true passion: fashion design. Enrolling in a fashion school, Augustina honed her artistic skills and laid the foundation for what would become Spring Stitches.

“My entrepreneurial spirit led me to start a fashion business after a divine revelation guided me to utilise local fabrics to create exquisite outfits that resonated with my target audience,” she explains.

Celebrating cultural heritage through design

Central to Spring Stitches’ ethos is the celebration of cultural heritage. Each design is meticulously crafted to evoke a sense of pride and identity, drawing inspiration from diverse African cultures.

“Our creative process is deeply rooted in understanding our target audience and researching trends and preferences,” Augustina elaborates. “We incorporate elements of art, history, and nature into our designs, ensuring that every piece tells a story and honours our cultural heritage.”

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A vision for the future

Looking ahead, Augustina envisions Spring Stitches as a global leader in African-inspired fashion, recognized for its commitment to inclusivity, empowerment, and cultural celebration.

“We aim to be one of the top 10 online African-inspired fashion clothing brands globally,” she declares. “To achieve this, we will continue to create pieces that celebrate cultural heritage, empower self-expression, and promote inclusivity.”

Stimulating interest in African fashion

In a competitive market, Spring Stitches employs a range of strategies to stimulate interest and demand for African fashion brands both locally and internationally. With the apparel market in Nigeria projected to reach US$9.23 billion by 2024, the growth potential is vast.

“We utilise our digital platforms, website, and social media channels to showcase our unique offerings and connect with a diverse audience interested in African-inspired fashion,” Augustina explains. “Collaborating with influencers, participating in pop-up events, and embracing sustainability and ethical practices are also key components of our strategy.”

Harnessing the power of digital marketing

Through strategic digital marketing initiatives, Spring Stitches leverages social media to foster deeper connections with its audience and showcase the beauty and diversity of African-inspired fashion. One of their notable collections is the Feminine Essence Collection, which celebrates the timeless elegance and grace of femininity. Pieces like the Oby Corset Dress and the Lolade Jumpsuit were designed to accentuate the natural beauty of women, with intricate detailing and flattering silhouettes that exude confidence and style.

“We use social media to create compelling stories that highlight the craftsmanship, heritage, and cultural significance behind each design,” Augustina reveals. “By collaborating with influencers, and fashion publishers, and investing in digital advertising, we continue to expand our reach and amplify our message of empowerment and celebration.”

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As Augustina Temitope Abisuga continues to chart new territories in the world of Afrocentric fashion, her journey serves as a testament to the power of creativity, passion, and cultural pride. With Spring Stitches, she not only celebrates the beauty of African heritage but also empowers women around the globe to embrace their identity with confidence and style.