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How 62-year old Alice Madaki transitioned from banking to health and wellness industry

How 62-year old Alice Madaki transitioned from banking to health and wellness industry

Alice Binta Madaki’s transition from the banking industry to entrepreneurship was not just a career change; it was a transformation driven by a deep-seated commitment to health and wellness.

Madaki’s journey as the founder and CEO of Baitus Nigeria Limited started when the demanding hours of the banking sector took a toll on her health, leading her to explore innovative solutions to boost her immune system. This quest for personal well-being evolved into the founding of Baitus Foods, a company dedicated to revolutionizing the health and wellness foods market with its unique approach to whole lemon processing.

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“In banking, we had no closing time,” Madaki recalled. “There were times we would be at work till 10 pm, and during end-of-year balancing, we would spend the night at work. There were no weekends; once an issue was outstanding, it had to be resolved, be it Saturday or Sunday.”

These relentless working hours pushed Madaki to a breaking point such that when the bank she worked with offered a voluntary retirement package in 2002, she seized the opportunity.

Her health struggles had highlighted the need for a lifestyle change, prompting her to research solutions to boost her immune system. This journey led her to discover the benefits of whole lemon consumption and the idea of creating whole LEMON powder for convenience and extended shelf life.

Baitus Foods stands out in the health and wellness market by processing the entire lemon into powder, including the peel, seeds, oil, juice, and flesh. This innovation sets the brand apart from competitors who typically focus on lemon juice or tea, according to the CEO. “We have the full package because every part of the lemon is highly beneficial to our health,” Madaki explains. “For example, the seeds of the lemon contain the same component as Aspirin.”

The company’s commitment to quality is unwavering, with certifications from NAFDAC and FDA ensuring their products meet rigorous safety and health standards. With the global health and wellness foods market expected to reach US$1,495 billion by 2032, Baitus Foods is well-positioned for growth.

Madaki is proud of the impact Baitus Foods has had on the community, particularly in promoting health awareness and economic empowerment. “Our products, such as Acha Fonio and Finger Millet Tamba, offer low-carb, vegan, nutrient-dense, and gluten-free options that help prevent and manage diseases like diabetes,” she said.

“We have enlightened our clients on the many diverse ways they can make use of our products, which they are enjoying,” Madaki continued. “Our farmers earn more now because we buy from them. Our women are economically empowered, forming 80% of our workforce.”

Looking ahead, Madaki envisions her brand expanding its product line and partnerships. “The global health and wellness foods market is projected to reach $1,495 billion by 2032,” Madaki noted.

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“This growth shows the increasing consumer demand for natural, nutritious products that promote well-being. At Baitus Foods, we are proud to be at the forefront of this movement, offering products that not only taste good but also contribute to a healthier, happier world.”

Despite challenges such as funding and energy supply, she remains resilient, driven by her passion for promoting healthy living. “We encourage and promote a healthy lifestyle and healthy living,” Madaki said. “Be intentional about what we eat, consume, and some of our practices that might affect our health adversely or improve our health.”

Madaki, advising aspiring entrepreneurs, said: “Research the products you are introducing into the market and their health benefits. Know your target market and be authentic. Be resilient and pursue your dreams. The ‘why’ of what you are doing is the only thing that will keep you going.”