• Thursday, May 23, 2024
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Nigerians urged to leverage land banking for investment diversification


Nigerians seeking to diversify their investment portfolios have been urged to leverage land banking as an investment option in real estate on the back of the benefits and return on investment (ROI) it offers.

Land banking is considered one of the oldest real estate investment practices where investors buy small or large quantities of undeveloped land, intending to profit from the resale of the land in the future.

According to real estate experts, it is believed to be among the relatively low-risk investment opportunities with a potential for high returns.

This type of investment option allows the investors to buy land in underdeveloped communities and bank it until there is substantial infrastructural development or population growth in the area before selling it for a higher price or developing it to meet the growing housing demand.

“For those who want to increase their investment portfolio, land banking is their best bet and if they are looking for a real estate company; we can help them grow their investment through land banking, Gtext Land have them covered,” Martha Onsachi, CEO, Gtext Lands, said during the allocation of plots to investors at the White House estate, Moniya and Beryl Golf estate, Ibadan, held on Thursday April 5, 2024.

According to her, the company focuses more on land banking to help smart investors reap the dividends of investing in real estate. She disclosed that the company’s mission is to help investors build wealth through land banking with the use of innovation and technology.
“Our major focus is on land banking.”

She further urged the government both at the federal and state level to ease the processes involved in obtaining title documents for land, so as to make real estate a more attractive investment option for Nigerians.

“Government should also help in simplifying the process of obtaining title documents to make real estate attractive to more Nigerians.”

She said further that Gtext Lands have made it easier for investors to invest by offering them an opportunity to buy at a lower price and keep it for a longer period of time. “You either use it or flip it off for profit or you can build for residential or for commercial purposes.

“So, the benefits here are that we give luxury service plots and for an investor that is investing with us here in our estates, we give you nothing but luxury,” she said.

She also assured interested investors that they will be buying into a service estate that comes with perimeter fencing, access roads to their plot of land, and a centralized sewage system. “So, it comes with a whole lot of packages and that is why we call it luxury service plots,” she said.

Speaking further, she disclosed that White House and Beryl estates are two of their major estates, which some smart investors bought when the price was relatively cheaper. According to her, the company offered a 50 percent discount on the actual price as part of its Easter and Ramadan sales promo.

“We have smart investors who have invested earlier when we did the pre-launch, and we’ve done our allocation before and today we also took our time to allocate to smart investors who invested in months before now,” Onsachi said.