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From curls to confidence: A decade of natural hair care with KL’s Beauty Bar

From curls to confidence: A decade of natural hair care with KL’s Beauty Bar

In the vibrant city of Lagos a decade ago, Kemi Lewis, the creative director and founder of KL’s Natural Beauty Bar embarked on a journey to revolutionise the natural hair care industry.

What started as a personal endeavour to embrace her own natural curls has blossomed into a thriving business that empowers women with natural hair.

In 2012, Kemi Lewis made a bold decision to embrace her natural hair. However, she quickly realised that the natural hair movement in Nigeria was in its early stages, lacking specialised salons and knowledgeable stylists for naturalistas. This sparked a visionary idea.

A year later, Lewis had a conversation with a childhood friend that led to a life-changing revelation. Recognising Kemi’s talent for hairstyling, her friend suggested she establish a salon for natural hair care.

This marked the beginning of KL’s Natural Beauty Bar, a haven where women could receive expert care, styling, and enhancement for their natural hair.

In May 2013, armed with determination and a passion for empowering women, Kemi officially launched KL’s Natural Beauty Bar. With limited resources but unwavering ambition, she secured a modest space in Lagos. The early days were a mix of excitement and uncertainty as Kemi began offering her expertise in handling and styling natural hair.

As a trailblazer in the natural hair industry, Kemi faced skepticism from friends and family who questioned her transition from a successful legal career to hairstyling. Yet, her strong belief in her mission pushed her forward.

However, her dedication to changing perceptions about natural hair marked a turning point for her salon and its clients. Through innovative styles, personalized care, and a commitment to excellence, KL’s Natural Beauty Bar started to make its mark. One memorable transformation involved a woman with thinning and damaged hair, who, after Kemi’s care, regained confidence and joy in her natural locks.

Driven by success and a desire to reach more women, Kemi expanded KL’s Natural Beauty Bar to three branches across Lagos. Each location maintained the essence of KLS’s vision while serving a diverse clientele.

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Furthermore, her commitment to education led to the creation of KLS Natural Hair Academy, where stylists are equipped not only with technical skills but also the core values that define the KLS experience.

As KL’s Natural Beauty Bar celebrates its first decade, Kemi looks ahead with a renewed vision, aiming to empower individuals globally through the expansion of her training academy. Similarly, she is passionate to share her product line, Groom and Grow, which emphasizes the power of Ayurveda (knowledge of life) for hair health.

Kemi Lewis’ journey exemplifies the power of passion, resilience, and belief in a vision. From a small salon to a thriving enterprise, Kemi’s story is one of empowerment and inspiring change.

KL’s Natural Beauty Bar not only enhances natural hair but also empowers women to embrace their beauty confidently. With a focus on education, empowerment, and innovation, the salon leads the way for a future where natural hair is celebrated and cherished; standing at the forefront, inspiring women to love, nurture and adorn their curls with confidence.