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Experience New Cultures with Netflix’s Sub and Dub Features

Netflix is presently available in more than 190 countries and the titles available for streaming are not only a combination of various genres but comprise titles produced in diverse languages. In 2017, Netflix brought us the ground-breaking La Casa de Papel, popularly known as Money Heist, a series which quickly became a household name and is now the most-watched non-English language series on Netflix ever. What’s intriguing about this success story is the elimination of the language barrier. Through dubbing, people around the world could, understand and enjoys shows like Money Heist or Lupin in their preferred languages.

If there’s anything this proves, it’s that great stories can come from anywhere and be enjoyed by everyone, but it has to be communicated in a language that’s understandable to its audience. Netflix has this in mind when it comes to maximizing its member’s experience, which is why Netflix ensures that all its non- English titles come with multiple sub-titling options. If that’s not enough, Netflix has invested a lot recently in dubbing— a feature that incorporates the audio translation of Netflix titles to about 30 different languages.

To ensure that the creativity and authenticity of the titles aren’t compromised, Netflix has a dubbing management hub across almost 20 countries. This team supervises the casting for and recording of the scripts alongside other creative choices and technical workflows that ensure the final content is natural to and aligns with the cultural nuances of each territory. Between the subbing and dubbing features, Netflix is breaking language barriers and internationally projecting local creativity.

If you’re not sure not how to use the Caption/audio feature, we’ve got a guide on how to step into new worlds through the utilization of the captions feature.
I bet you never knew that subtitles can be customized to languages other than English to make your Netflix experience more versatile and enjoyable. All you have to do is play a movie or an episode of a series, go to ‘audio & subtitles’ and then select a language from the list. If you’re presently learning a foreign language and want to improve your skills, reading a film in that language will go a long way to improve your understanding.

Another thing you can do with your subtitles is change the font. You simply go to your Account, click on Profile and Parental Controls then click Subtitle Appearance and then Font. This might take a minute, but it adds a little delight to your Netflix user experience and goes a long way in increasing the enjoyability of your favorite foreign Netflix titles.

Do you want to make your subtitles bigger or smaller? Netflix’s got you covered. All you need to do is go to Account then click on Profile and Parental Controls, and then click on Subtitle Appearance before clicking on Font Size. Now, you can have larger subtitles when you are using your Tv and too lazy to go get your glasses. Also, grandma no longer has to squint too much when she wants to watch that new Nollywood title or Telenovela.

Looking to spice up your Netflix screen? One new thing you can do is add color to your subtitle font and make the text semi-transparent. This can be done by going to Account and then clicking Profile and Parental Controls, from there click on Subtitle Appearance and then Color.

Now, if you think there aren’t more fun things you can do with your subtitles, you’re very wrong. There are 8 different background colors to choose from if you want to have a solid background around the text that appears on your screen. First go to Account then click on Profile and Parental Controls, from there go to Subtitle Appearance and then click on Background.

Lastly, you can take your subtitle experience to the next level by choosing closed caption. A closed caption is a feature that includes background noises and tracks playing to the written display of the characters dialogue. Additionally, closed caption will include the names of characters who may be speaking off-camera. To activate this feature, Play your chosen Netflix title then go to ‘audio and subtitles and then click on Audio Descriptions.

Revamping your subtitle experience might be something you didn’t know you wanted, but the moment you begin to switch things up a little you will see that the little things do go a long way.

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