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Engage in a journey through your past to acquire a fresh perspective on life – A Review of Tolu A. Akinyemi’s City of Lost Memories

Engage in a journey through your past to acquire a fresh perspective on life – A Review of Tolu A. Akinyemi’s City of Lost Memories

Title: City of Lost Memories

Author: Tolu A. Akinyemi

Publisher: The Roaring Lion Newcastle

Year of Publication: 2023

Number of Pages: 54

Category: Poetry

This book delves into the complexities of our memories, which add depth to our lives, often evoking a mix of joy and challenges. Tolu A. Akinyemi, known for his candid and genuine writing style, leads readers on an exploration of diverse themes in ‘City of Memories,’ evoking a sense of nostalgia, consistent with his signature approach.

The initial poem, contrary to what the blurb suggests, doesn’t quite take on the form of a plea. Instead, it resonates more as a heartfelt warning from an ex-girlfriend filled with emotions. Nevertheless, the poem leaves a profound impact and strikes a chord with readers: Don’t wash me away from your memory. / Your knowledge of me should be immersed in profundities, / not faded like an eroded land.

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As the author reflects on the past, he acts as a guide, taking you on a journey through a failing romance, the pain of losing a loved one, and even delving into political themes. Skillfully, he weaves the past and present together, creating a seamless connection.

The book contains memories of both delightful and challenging experiences, with the latter holding the potential to resurrect past emotional pain for the reader. However, in “Blurt Out,” it promotes the idea of moving forward from the past and not dwelling on past wounds: Shed this baggage/that has left you on the brink of demise. /Exhume this hurt/that wears you thin and pushes you closer to doomsday.

In adopting this perspective, the author acts as a reassuring presence, granting readers the freedom to accept their less-than-ideal memories while urging them not to become ensnared in the past, ultimately instilling hope for the future.

The philosophy conveyed by the poem “Memory Lane” should guide our lives: To remember the past is to keep life in perspective/ a walk down memory lane keeps the future in focus.

With ‘City of Lost Memories,’ readers may discover that this book stirs up their own recollections, both the pleasant and the challenging, from their past.

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