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Design Week Lagos: Showcasing Africa’s unique designs, expertise

Design Week Lagos: Showcasing Africa’s unique designs, expertise

For anyone that walks into a space, be it a hotel, restaurant, or home, amongst others, no doubt, the first thing that captures attention is the interior designs including the architectural work.

Whether you’re running a hotel or a restaurant, the interior design has to be as great as the meals served because it serves as the visual backdrop for your customers’ dining experience or exquisite accommodation.

Research has proven that designs have the power to define the customer’s first impression of your hotel and influence their guest experience from the outset. Design can make or break the business, and it’s just as important as the services provided.

A lot of the time, the way a place looks is the first thing – and perhaps the only thing – you know about it, and based on that first impression, a potential patron may create an opinion.

Over the years, Nigerians have come to recognize the power of designs in spaces and a lot of talents have invested money and time in this space and are creating designs that are unique, significant and create an excellent ambiance.

In recognizing and celebrating these talents, Titi Ogufere, African design advocate established the Design Week Lagos, (DWL) in 2019 as a citywide celebration held in Lagos, Nigeria.

DWL is a leading design week in African, conceived to present and celebrate the best in contemporary African design across categories, and this year again, DWL is promoting African design culture that fosters economic growth.

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DWL, which also brings international field leaders and visitors to experience the most exciting work from the region, this year is promoting creativity, and innovation across disciplines, including architecture, industrial design, interior design, furniture design, graphics design, and technology.

This year’s edition of DWL which is ongoing commenced on October 20 and will end 23 with the theme “Beyond The Box” at Livespot Entertainment Center Lagos, with a unique lineup of phenomenal African designers. The spotlight will be on the award-winning international superstar designer, Ini Archibong, who will be sitting in conversation with DWL Founder, Titi Ogufere and putting up a practical workshop.

Other architects and designers to look forward to are Charles Job, Jumoke Adenowo, Eva Sonaike, Jade Folawiyo, Olubunmi Adeyemi, Victor Ekpuk, Tejumola Butler Adenuga, Nifemi Bello, Tosin Oshinowo, Seun Oduwole, Pierre Christophe Gam, Tola Akerele and Osaru Alile.

Titi Ogufere, the founder, DWL said one of the reasons she decided to do this is because she knows that design Is so important in the development of any economy.

“Everything was designed; from the car, to furniture, spaces, even roads; you have to design them for you to have a fantastic flow. For us, we feel it is an important showcase. We have been doing this since 2007 but we have been doing it in different forms; from the magazine to different exhibitions, to awards programs and others. So we are really excited to showcase these brands,” Ogufere said.

She disclosed that 32 brands in Nigeria are currently exhibiting at this year’s event with product designers from different parts of world such as Switzerland, America and London.

“There is also a session for young talents because it is not all about having brands, we have designers that design these products and we felt it was important to highlight these designers.

“We have a session for young designers where we give them the opportunity to meet brands and to see the work that they are doing and maybe hire them to bring more innovative styles.
It is a curated show so it’s not public. We have to invite you. We don’t advertise.

” For the product designers, we look for to young talents and established talents that we invite to the show. Most of the designers here are Nigerians but not local. For instance Charles Job is Nigerian and is based in Switzerland and we have Ini Archibong, who is based in Switzerland and has never been in Nigeria before but he is a Nigerian and we feel it is important to show his talent and bring them to collaborate more with the region,” she said.